Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Thanksgiving letter

Here is a copy of our family Thanksgiving letter:

Dear Friends and family,
Happy Thanksgiving! I love this holiday. In fact, it is my favorite time of year. I love the fall season with school starting, the leaves changing colors, apples and pumpkins, and cool weather for baking. I also, love Thanksgiving because it is a time to reflect on the things we are so grateful for. This year has been busy and exciting and has given us even more to be thankful for. We enjoy making an annual Thanksgiving list as a family starting November 1st. Jeremy and I thought we would share some of our thanksgiving list with you, the people who made the top of the list.
Yes, each of you receiving this letter made the list. We are so grateful for the people in our lives: Our parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles who have guided our lives since we were infants. Our many siblings who helped us develop into the adults we are today. Our neighbors, who are truly irreplaceable in our lives. Our church family, who without your love and support we would never continue on this crazy journey God has placed us on. Our doctors and their excellent staff, with a family this large good medical care is such a blessing. Our friends and co-workers, whose lives intermingle with ours everyday and help us live in the real world. We are so grateful that God has given us so many people to share our lives with.
Of course, as we think of all the people whom God has blessed us with, our kids are at the top of the list. This year has been exciting for each of them too. Daniel became our first teen this year. He has grown so much, he is almost as tall as Jeremy now. He played soccer again this year and continues to enjoy music, playing the clarinet in band. We are excited about how Daniel is really starting to show his own personality and share his creative side with us. Tyler Ann wishes she was the first teen, and in many ways is maturing into a beautiful young woman. She is enjoying her first year of junior youth group (along with Daniel and Rachel). It has been a real joy to see her grow into a very gentle and compassionate sister, really nurturing her younger siblings. This year she auditioned for Chancel Choir and is now the youngest in this group. Rachel is also singing in a choir and playing percussion in band. She continues to excel in school, and enjoyed playing on the same soccer team as Daniel this year. This summer she and Tyler enjoyed a trip to Kansas to visit their cousins. While there, she was given the opportunity to be a hero when a four wheeler flipped on her cousin. She responded quickly and was able to get her cousin help. Lydia also enjoyed playing soccer this year, on the same team as Brenden. She even scored her first goal. She and Brenden are excellent team players (on the soccer field). She is taking a music class, as well, with Brenden and Bekah. Most days, I can’t give her enough school work to do, as she often will do a whole weeks worth of lessons in a day. Brenden has taken off on his schooling this year. He is a real reader and enjoying learning new things. He especially has an interest in science of all kinds. Lately, he has a bug collection. He also enjoyed his first year of football. He is a really great big brother and very patient with the little boys. Bekah continues to be full of life. She loves helping with the little brothers, and would rather be a helper than a student. Jeremiah on the other hand, has quite a thirst for knowledge. He often asks the most challenging questions. He enjoyed the presidential campaigns and watched each and every debate. He campaigned for McCain, and now he prays each day for Obama to be a good president. Yes, he is only five. He also, played his first year of soccer. Josh, now three, wanted to play soccer too, but cried at every game that he was cold and hungry. He is a very full of energy and loves his new brother Davey. Often, he introduces Davey to others by saying, “This is my new brother, Davey.” Baby Zach, is also very busy. He loves playing with his big brothers and snuggling with his sisters. We are so excited that God continues to bless each of the kids, and bless us with them. We look forward to a new addition come the first week of February. Of course, we haven’t forgotten Davey. Wow, what a great blessing he is to us.
After a great deal of prayer and thought we moved forward into adoption again. We never could have guessed how God planned to bless us as we stepped out in faith to obey him. We knew that it would be a special child that would fit in with our family. We also knew that we wanted to offer a home to a child that many may think had too many challenges to make a forever commitment to. We were like, any expecting parent, nervous and excited about adding to our family. We knew Davey had many needs and challenges, and we hoped we were ready. We couldn’t have been more surprised at how his foster family had done such amazing work with him. They had truly sacrificed to help him develop and grow. Not only that, they prepared him to join our family. Yes, he is very limited, and we continue to learn how to best care for him, but one thing is certain he is ours and he is home. So, at the very top of our list of people whom we are grateful for this year is Davey’s foster family.
Even though people are at the top of our list, there are many other things we are grateful for. During these tough times in our nation, we are so grateful to know God as our Lord, Savior, Protector, and Provider. We know that he loves and cares for us. We are also so very grateful for the job God has blessed Jeremy with. It is an excellent company to work for, with great people, and excellent benefits. God has been so good to us this year and we are truly full of Thanksgiving this holiday.

Gratefully yours,

Jeremiah 30:19
From them will come songs of thanksgiving and the sound of rejoicing. I will add to their numbers, and they will not be decreased; I will bring them honor, and they will not be disdained.

Friday, December 19, 2008

What I should write about: Daniel

What I should write about. I'm going to write about how many animals My family had. The first animal We had was a dog named Max. He was a Golden Retriever mix. He was My mom's babysitter(ha ha ha ha). Max died because he got to old. Next we got a cat from My Grandma. I don't now what kind it was but it's fur looked like butterscotch. Once he caught a rabbit and he brought it home and My dad had to cacth it in his hat then he had to drop a rock a it's head. Then We got another dog from My Grandma and it was a Basset hound and his name was Boaz. He was stupid and he chewed most of My stuff. Then My mom said We have to give him away. Then We got a cat from someone down the street it had white paws and the rest of it was black. He was Rachel's cat she named it Mittens. Then We had to move to a different house and Mittens hides under the deck. So We never got him back. Then We got another dog from My other Grandma his name was Shooter. Why because any time We played basketball he want to play. I don't know what kind of dog he was. That's it for know because I have to do jobs before My dad comes home. BYE

Christmas recipe by;Rachel

This blog is about Christmas baking. Here is some things you might bake. Chex mix,Hard rock candy,Taffy,Honey pop corn. But I'm going to tell you the recipe to Buckeyes. What you need:two pounds peanut butter,five and one fourth cup powdered sugar,one fourth pound margarine,melted,and one pound of semi sweet chocolate chips. Then mix the first three ingredients together. Next make into one half or three fourth inch balls. Then freeze for one hour or refrigerate for at least twelve hours. Next melt the Chocolate in a microwaveable bowl then dip the balls in the Chocolate covering everything but the top. Then put the buckeyes on wax paper,and store in tight container. Well that's how you make buckeyes. I guess now you know how to make buckeyes bye.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

My Book Tyler

Hello, It`s Tyler. I, Tyler am writing a book. You may think i`m crazy if you do your right I am I like being crazy. but I'm getting off focus. So anyway I thought why not I like to write, read, spell, and think up stories. The book is called Pet Perfect The Beginning. It`s about five kids named Elizabeth Rose, Robert, Little Johnny, Dale, and Sally. Thay have last names too like Rink, Philip, Smith, MC, Nelson, and Joe. The last names and first names are in the same order. So these kids all have different pets like cats, dogs, and pony's. And also four of the kids are Christians. Well that's all I can tell you because that's how far I am. Happy Holidays. Tyler

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Moms B-day by brenden

Hello its Brenden. Today Is my moms B-day. Danny and I gave her some chocolates. Tyler gave her a card that she made. My mom went to the store and got a wii-fit and then told my Dad to give it to her for her B-day. (ha ha). So my Dad is giving the wii-fit to my mom for her B-day. But he is probably getting her something else too.


Hi! its Lydia again, and I want to tell you what I'm thankful for. I'm thankful for: my family, food,nature,animals,and Friends. I'm thankful for a lot of stuff, but, I'm just telling you some. I'm thankful for electronics( PLUS CARS). I'm thankful for a warm house,books,toys,and clothes. I'm thankful for a blog, so I can tell people about stuff. I'm thankful for the earth,time,and activities. Most of all I'm thankful for God. I'm thankful for holidays,games, and changing seasons. I'm thankful for schools,hospitals,and stores. I'm thankful for the sun, the moon, the stars and clouds. I'm thankful for furniture,Peace,and love. I'm thankful to have an age, and a birthday. I'm thankful for warm, cold, and hot. I'm thankful for being smart, and having talent. I HOPE YOU ENJOYED READING THIS BLOG BYE

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


hi! Its Lydia again and I want to tell you about my winter time. We built a snowman,but it was covered in leaves. Last year we made chairs out of snow. I love the winter, because in the winter there's Christmas! Christmas is my favorite holiday. What I love about Christmas, is when my family gets together and celebrates Christmas! Last year we got up really early to have Christmas. We got up at five o'clock. Every Christmas my dad reads the true meaning of Christmas from the Bible. On Christmas eve we get to go to one of my grandmas,then on Christmas day we stay home, and have Christmas! Then two days after Christmas were going to go to my other grandmas. well that's all right now BYE!

Like and Dislike:By Daniel.

This blog is about My like and dislike. First what food I like is taco,chilli,spaghetti some times. Corn dogs, hot dogs,taco salad,cheese burger, Mc chicken wich ,and pizza. What food I dislike is tuna sandwich any thing with onion chunks of tomato. What music I like is country. What music I dislike is rock. What candy I like is any thing with chocolate,toffee. What candy I dislike is nothing. What games I like are Monopoly,Risk,Settlers of catan, and Apples to Apples. What book I like are all The Chronicles of Narnia, Star wars,and the Boxcar children. What books I dislike are any Science and History. What movies I like are Star wars,Lord of the Rings,The Chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. What movies I dislike are any princess movies. What season I like is Summer and Spring. What season I dislike is Winter and Fall. What I like about school is nothing. What fruit I like is Bananas, Oranges, Cherry's, Apples,and pineapples. What fruit I dislike is melon. What wild animals I like are Fox,Tiger,Snow Tiger,Lion,and Wolf. What reindeer I like is dasher. What flower I like is a Sunflower. What tree I like is a Apple tree. What color I like is yellow, blue, green, and gold. Now you know what I like and dislike.

Friday, December 12, 2008

December by;Rachel

This is about what I like about December. I like December because in December it's Christmas time,and I love Christmas. Why? I will tell you why because at Christmas time you give and get things to and from people and I love giving and getting. Also I mostly love Christmas because on Christmas day JESUS was born. Also I love December because of the holiday we don't have much school we probably get more sweets than school. Also I love December because my mom's birthday is in December and if my mom wasn't born I wouldn't be born. Another thing I like about December is my mom and dad's anniversary is the day after Christmas and if they don't have an anniversary that mean's they aren't married and if they weren't married I wouldn't be writing this right now. Well I think that's all about December or at least all I can think of right now. Well now you now why I like December.

More Political thinking KT

Below I have pasted an email I recieved of quotes from Thomas Jefferson. I found these quotes to ring true in my heart and mind. Jeremy and I often enjoy discussing such things as politics, economics, democracy, etc. Neither of us would claim to be the most educated on such matters, but we do like weighing our personal convictions, societies views, and the Biblical stand on the way our Nation and the world lives and has lived since the creation of Adam. We are definately in (for lack of a better word) interesting times in our nation, the world, and in the life of Christianity. Again, I encourage each of my children and anyone who will listen to take time each day to pray for our nation and others. I have been really praying lately tha the Lord would show me my role in these times. I hope it is to be an encourager and I also hope it is to be a good student of his ways.
Well, I hope you find something in the following quotes that challenges your thinking, today. It is always good to be challenged to move beyond ones current position.
God bless you the reader today, and God cover our nation with your love.

Jefferson in some cases could be called a prophet.

When we get piled upon one another in large cities, as in Europe, we shall become as corrupt as Europe. Thomas Jefferson

The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not. Thomas Jefferson

It is incumbent on every generation to pay its own debts as it goes. A principle which if acted on would save one-half the wars of the world. Thomas Jefferson

I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them. Thomas Jefferson

My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government. Thomas Jefferson

No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms. Thomas Jefferson

The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government. Thomas Jefferson

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. Thomas Jefferson

To compel a man to subsidize with his taxes the propagation of ideas which he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical. Thomas Jefferson

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Imaginary Pets by Tyler

If I could have an imaginary pet or a few. I would first get a pentes. If it was a pent-o I would name her Sunny. If I got a pent I would name him Mars. My pentes would eat oak and ceder bark. They also like apples, grapes,and pears. Now after I get pentes I would have a griffin. I would name him Wings he would eat meats and juice bugs. We would not need to worry about gas because Wings could just fly us everywhere. After I get Wings I would get a Merkat and I would name her pinkie. She would eat fish. The boys would like her because she likes to go fish and looks like a big frog\cat. It may look like I`m coping Rachel but it was my idea for us both to WRITE about pets. Tyler

Friday, December 5, 2008

Winter is the Best BY Tyler

Hi, It`s Tyler. Today, I'm going to tell you what I like and dislike about winter. Well, to start I love Christmas because Jesus was born on that day. Besides Christmas their are lot`s of other things I like about winter. Like the snow. I like to watch snowflakes fall and I like to look at them on the window. Snow is great for sledding and building snowmen. Now off the subject of snow. I love hot chocolate and goodies. Even though I love winter it does have some downs, like bad snow, that's good for nothing (slush, ice, hard snow.) I don`t like when I build a snowman or something out of snow and someone breaks it. But for the most part winter is just great. Have a happy winter. Tyler

Winter is here!!!!!!!

I want to tell you want I like and don't like about winter. What I like about winter is sledding making snowman, and snow angels. Another thing I like is Christmas' is in December. I like make a fire in the fireplace when it's cold out. What I don't like about winter is getting wood, shoveling the driveway, and going some where on icy roads. I don't like getting My snow suit on. THATS IT FOR KNOW BYE DANIEL.

Our new things: by Lydia

Hi! it's Lydia again, and I want to tell you about our new things. We got a new kitten! It's a boy, his name is buddy. The other kittens don't really like the new kitten. Sometimes my mom lets us let the cat's in. But' they usually stay outside.
The other thing I want to tell you about is the new wii!, it's really fun!, we love to play on it. It has five games with it:Baseball, Tennis,Bowling,Boxing, and Golf. It looked really big in the box, but it really wasn't really big. Their are other kinds of wii's, but we only have the one with the remote. Our cat, buddy was from my grandma Lisa's neighbor. They had six of them and could not feed them. We only could take the one that kept on coming to us. Our grandma has one to! WELL THAT'S ALL for RIGHT NOW BYE!

Friday, November 21, 2008

BRACES! Daniel

I'm getting braces.

WHEN: January 12 2009

WHERE: Lansing Mi.

WHO:DR. John. B. Faust.

WHY:My teeth are very crooked.

HOW DO I FEEL:excited,scared,worried,and sad.

WHY DO I FEEL EXCITED: Because I get to show everybody my braces.

WHY DO I FEEL SCARED: Because what if the braces fall off and I have to get them back in.

WHY DO I FEEL WORRIED:Because what if they put the braces in the wrong place.

WHY DO I FEEL SAD: Because I want to get them earlier.


What I am Thankful For by Tyler

I`m thankful for so much that it would take years and years to write it all down. So I`ll just write some of the stuff I`m thankful for. I`m thankful for my family Mom, Dad, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and so forth. I`m thankful for the Bible and God. I`m thankful for my home, my bedroom, my toys, and my bed. I`m thankful for food and water. I`m thankful for clothes, shoes, education, pens, paper, and other stuff. I`m thankful for my dad's job, my Friends, warmth, and blankets. I`m thankful to have freedom of religion, speech, and freedom of assembly. I`m thankful for Church. I`m thankful for trees, flowers, grass, rocks, and other plants. These are some of the things I`m thankful for. Tyler

The Yummy Popsicles by:Lydia

Once a upon a time there was a boy, who loved popsicles. He decided to make his own kind. He decided to make a marshmellow popsicle. He started it when he was fifteen. He told everyone about it. Soon he began his work. He met the mayor and the president, because his popsicles were so good. He and his family began to move, to Washington. Then he went to a machine place to make his popsicles. Lots of people started to buy the popsicles. He made lots of money for his popsicles. Soon he was famous and he lived in a hotel, and had lots of money. His family lived with him in his hotel, and servants lived there too! THE END!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

What I'm thankfull for By:Rachel

This is about what I am thankful for. I'm thankful for my neighbors,and friends I will name some neighbors and friends Alvarado's (Jimmy,Vincent,William) the Boles (Jasan,Nathan). I'm also thankful for my church family,and friends I will name the families from church Bakers, Bloomfield's, Boles, Dickinson's, Krise, Lukins, Taylor's, Stecklebergs, Smiths, Patterson's, McCormick's,Ms.Symansic, and the Frazees. I'm thankful for my cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. Here are some of my cousins names Faith, Lisa, Fiah, Eli, Eric(Ryan), Elizabeth, Emma, Elisa, Ehran, Ean, Ethan, Kasi, Kiah, Tanner, and Jacob.Here are some of my uncle's names uncle Eric,uncle Cam,Alex,Micheal (Bubba),Steven,Jackson,Parker (Peanut),Hudson,Eddison,Rory(Tank),uncle Brandon,and uncle Tyler. Now here are some of my aunt's names aunt Becky,aunt Chopper,Emily,Melisa,Annie,Lizzie,and aunt Prayer. I'm also thank full for my dad's job (alro steel). I'm thank full for toys,books,school,food,grocrie stores,and nature. Also I'm thank full for freedom,church,and my family that lives with me mom,dad,Daniel,Tyler,me,Lydia,Brenden,Rebekah, Davey,Jeremiah,Joshua,Zachary,and Pillow. Also I'm thank full for our home,clothes,coats,snowpants,and diapers for babies. Last but not least I'm thank full for our pets and our wii. Now you know what I'm thankfull for.

Friday, November 14, 2008

When JOSH Grows Up

When Josh grows up, he `s going to be a football player. With a medium house and big family. His wife`s name will be Tina. He will have six kid`s 3 boys and 3 girls. The girls will be Tina, Tinann, and Sarah. The boys will be Michael, Michael Jr. and Joshy. He will have a small, blue car and big red van, just like we have now, only are van is dark blue not red. Josh`s house will be purple and blue. He will have lots of pets. These are what animals he will have a dog named Andre, a cat named cookies, 5 fish named spot, dot, speckled, splat, and johny bob, and a mouse named mouse. The dog will be Michael jr`s. The cat will be Micheal and Tinann`s. the fishes will be everybodies, and the mouse will be Joshy`s. That is Josh's story as he told it to me. Tyler

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thoughts about our Nation

Wow, the election has come to an end and our country continues to struggle to get along and understand each other. As the elcetion closed, I realized that even in the church we don't always agree politically. As a very opinionated person, I sometimes can't sees things from others perspective. So, I find myself trying to understand those whose opinions may differ from my own. I wonder if others are struggling as well. I voted for McCain and I truly believe I made a choice that honored God with my vote. But, that doesn't mean that the millions of you that voted for O'Bama didn't pray and choose him with the desire of honoring God and country. So, like I told my kids God is in control and he wants us to respect and pray for those whom are chosen to lead. I guess I had the simple faith that they have, because they take me at my word and they faithfully lift our current and future president up in their daily prayers. Wow, if I was only as disciplined. I wonder if all of us took time each dayto pray for our nation and it's leadership, what would happen. I can only imaging that at the very least we would pay more attention to others in our countryand probably care more personnally about them. Then to think if we were all praying for unity, peace, understanding, compasion, etc. and the Lord answered our prayers. What a change we would see in our lives and country. I guess my thought is this maybew I don't see eye to eye with others on some issues, but can I try and see things from their vantige point. There is a great book that Stormie O'Martian wrote (personnally I love all of Stomie's books) "The Power of a Praying Nation." You know, I think if I put this book in the bathroom, maybe I can hide out in there once a day, and pray the prayers in it each day. I think I will give that a try. Below I have added a link to some prayers you might appreciate.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Pick a pet by Rachel

If I could pick any animal in the world to be my pet, even if it was an imaginary animal. I would pick a griffin. Why? I will tell you why. First, I will tell you what a griffin is. A griffin is a made up animal of a lion and bird together. Now i will tell you why I want one. Of course, I will train the griffin to be nice.Then I would ride on the griffin then we won't have to use the car because the griffin will take us everywhere. Also we could make a business where we give griffin rides for money. I would probable get a girl griffin and later on I would get a boy griffin. I would name my girl griffin Sally and if I got a boy I would name him Steven and call him Steve. I would probable want to get them when they were babies because they would be really cute,and easier to train. We would have a lot of fun just me my griffins and probable my family to. Well now you know what animal I would get if I could get any animal I wanted even if it were fake and you know why.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Playing in the leaves

Last week my sisters and I were playing in the leaves. First we raked the leaves into a leaf pile. Then a cat jumped in the leaf pile and got all buried except it's face. So we took a picture. Then we decided to take more pictures of people and cats in the leaf pile. So we put the cats in the leaf pile and they wouldn't stay. so we had to go under the leaves and hold the cats but we had to stay buried. Then we took the picture. We also did lots of other pictures. We took a picture of Lydia sitting in the leaves and kissing my cat. We took one picture of Bekah upside down and all buried. We had so much fun even though some of the pictures didn't turn out. Now you know what Lydia,Bekah,and I did in the leaves last week.

Daniel reporting

This blog is about stuff WE did this month. This Monday the 11th of Nov I'm joining band again, and I'm still playing the CLARINET. I'm also playing the FLUTE at home. On the flute I can only play 5 to 10 notes but I only get it for a year. Rachel is playing the bells and singing in choir and she has to practice 180 minutes for band and 180 for choir a week. Tyler is in the highest choir, she has to practice 270 minutes a week. Lydia, Brenden, and Bekah are in elementary music class. School is the same. But this past Monday- Thursday I did not do school because we had a lot of errands. On Wednesday we went to get the pizza and cookie dough orders and went to dads work to give his co- works their stuff. Thursday we do science co-ops and Rachel, Tyler, and Me do PE at the YMCA. But I did not go because I was at the neighbors from 1 to 4:30 visiting since my friend had surgery. Well, that's all for now.

My Favorites By Tyler

Today I`m going to tell you my favorites. Now lets start with my favorite books. My favorite books are the Jack Sparrow series specifically, "The Age of Bronze,"book #5, "Silver, book #6, and "The coming storm," book#1. I also like the Mandie series but I`ve only read 5 Mandie books and I liked them all. I like Narnia books and I like the Hobbit, which I just finished not long ago. Oh, and I also like The Baby Sitters Club series. My favorite story books are "Mama, do you Love Me" by Barbara M. Josee, Arthur books by Marc Brown, and "Mary and Martha" by Marty Rhodes Finley. My favorite c.d.s are "Mercy Me," "The Cheetah Girls," "Skillet," "Taylor Swift," and lots more. My favorite stuffed animals are my Puppy who is nose less and 77 year old dog, in dog years that is (11 in people years) and Tiny Snowflake my Webkinz. My favorite stickers are a unicorn and a elephant. Last, but not lest, my favorite creature is a Pente. So those are some of my favorite things. Tyler

Friday, October 31, 2008

(Winter Thoughts) by:Lydia

Hi! its Lydia again , and I want to share with you my winter thoughts. What i want to do this year is build a snowman, make a snow fort, and bury my brothers and sisters. Last year we took the recycling boxes and made a fort. Our mom helped too! We made it close to the mailbox, so people could see it. Once our neighbors helped to build it. It wasn't really big. Our neighbors even helped us shovel our driveway. In the winter the roads,and the driveway always get slippery. Some times we slide on the road. It gets really really cold in the winter time. Once one of our silver gates fell down. So some times , just for fun, we would sneak in to the neighbors yard. But they didn't really care, as long as we don't take anything. I love to go sledding! Sledding and swimming are two of my favorite things to do! I hope you are going to have a great winter bye!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What Should I Write About By Tyler

What shouled I write about. Should I write about my new brother Davey? Or should I write about school? Or about my bunnies, Or my pet cat sissy? I thinke I`ll write about what pet I want. No I`ll write about what I want to be when I grow up. Nah how about the things I want or what I like and don`t. I really like trees and flowers, I`ll tell you how they grow. Or maybe about fish and birds and any thing else I know. Well theres so much to write about, I just won't write any thing at all. Tyler

Mom's wagon by;Rachel

My mom bought a wagon last week. She said it was not a play wagon. She said it was for working,but one day my mom said you can play with the wagon. She said, "you have to take care of it". So we got the wagon out and we made a leaf pile and the wagon helped us make the leaf pile. We filled it with leaves and dumped it in the pile. We have been playing with the wagon all week. We hook up other wagons and sleds to the wagon. We take them up the hill and then went down siting in it trying to stear,or we just pull people up and down the hill. We take turns in it by ourselves and together,but we make sure there is enough weight in the front and back so it doesn't tip over. Also,we are careful when we are stearing because we don't want to CRASH. Now you know about the wagon my mom bought last week.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New Creature By Tyler

I have just created a new creature called a Morf. A Morf is an animal that can Morf into a person. But, when they Morf into a person they keep their animal features like their tail, ears, stripes, spots, and others. A Morf is born as the animal they are, and can not Morf until they are 2 years of age. If a Morf is a big animal like a bear it will be a big person in human form But, if the Morf is a small animal like a snake the human form of the morf will be small. If the morf is a snake it will stick out his tongue a lot and it may put a ssssss in betwean words. If the morf is a type of cat it will purr and grrr to show how it feels. Well I hope you like my new creature. Tyler

What I like and dislike by Rachel

This is about what I like and dislike. First, I will start with the toys I like and dislike. I don't like baby dolls,barbies,or Bratz. I don't like girl toys. What I like is remote control cars,and planes. Let's just say I like remote control things. Also, I like board games, water guns, and Nerf toys. Now the foods I like and dislike. I absolutely hate onions, but I like onion rings. I don't really like stir fry. I don't like plain tomatoes, but if they're mixed together with some thing else it is OK. But I can't have too many because I have a stomach disorder, and if I have to many tomatoes I will puck them out. My favorite food is macaroni. I love pasta. The subjects I like in school are math,reading,Bible,independent reading,science,and spelling. I love sports. I play soccer, and my family and I did baseball. I also like choir,which I am in a choir class and I like percussion,which I play percussion too. Now,the last part. The kind of music I like. I don't really like country very much. I like some rock,and I love christian music. Well now you know what I like and dislike.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


If I was President I would watch a movie then I would play video games. Then I would look at My BIG house and have my agents go all over the United States and find homeless people and give them a home and 5thousand dollars$$ . I would have a agent go and get a dog. I would invite my family to my house. After that I will fly in my jet to the ARMY and ask men that are there their address to send there wives some money$$ if there husband died. I would take a nap on the way home. When I get home I will call people to make missiles for the ARMY. I will help doctors and patients by giving them whatever they need. Then I will go shopping for toys, food, clothes,school stuff , and kitchen stuff for the people in Africa, but I will translate the language for them. That is a couple things I would do if I were President. BYE

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Science Camp part 2 by Tyler

Rachel and I have now gone to Science camp. It was soooooo much fun. But, it was like watching a movie a second time but with new characters and some old characters. I knew a lot people there like Rachel F., Emily, Eva, Charlotte, Julia, Josiah, Curtis, and others. Last year there was a chinchilla ( the softest animal in the world. ) and there were snakes, frogs, and birds like owls, doves, chickens, and an emu. This year there were also new animals like the skunk, some new snakes and frogs, and turtles. Not to forget the boa constrictor, Ace. Rachel and I were not in very many classes together. But, we were in the reptile class together, and I was wrong she didn't like the blue racer snake. She was scared of it. At the beginning of the class, Mr. T, the teacher for that class told us to write something down. Rachel and I sat right in the middle of the table, so when we were writing he throw a snake at us. Rachel freaked out. Then realized it was rubber. After that he put a snapping turtle on the table. It thought to taste my finger. well we did a lot at science camp, but I have to go make lunch now. Bye

Friday, October 10, 2008

Science Camp Part 1 by Tyler

I am soooooo excited because Rachel and I are going to science camp. I have been to science camp before. But, Rachel hasn`t ever gone. I am going again, so Rachel knows someone there. Science is my favorite subject. Last time I went to science camp I had sooooo much fun. We touched snakes, played games, saw an emu and wild turkeys, and went for walks in the woods. The food there is really good too. I think Rachel will like the Blue Racer snake and Hermite the frog. The girls sleep in one big room with lots of bunk beds. The boys sleep down the hall. Between the boys and girls is a big room with a vending machine, a drinking fountain, and a box of balls to play with. Well I can't wait to go to science camp. TYLER

Monster Doll by (Daniel)

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away. There was a planet called Earth. Two girls lived in Pennsylvania and the the girls names were Rachel and Rachel Ann. And this is their story. In Pennsylvania Rachel and Rachel Ann were in the store in the toy department and they saw a doll!!!. And they asked there mom if they could get it, and she said not today. The next day the girls asked there mom to go to the store and she said yes and they got the doll! Then the cashier try to tell the girls things about the doll, but the girls did not hear him. When they got home and opened the boxes there was a beautiful doll with blond hair and blue eyes. Then they rocked it to sleep. The next day Rachel wanted to feed it, but Rachel Ann wanted to rock it. Then they began to fight. So, their mom sent them both to their rooms. Then the dolls eyes turned black and her hair turned brown. When they got out of their bedrooms they didn't noticed the doll changed. Then the girls were fighting again. The doll changed again. The dolls eyes turned red and her hair turned green, and then it got bigger and bigger. It kept changing until the girls learn how to share the doll! Then they stopped fighting then it went back to it's normal size and never got bigger until the next story. THE END. I hope you like this story.


Thursday, October 9, 2008

School is a Success (Katie)

The kids and I were so excited about the new school year this fall, we had decided to do a science co-op, music, and sports. As always I was a bit nervous the first week of school wondering if it is all going to come together like I planned it to. This year I made some major changes and wasn't sure if it would go well.
In the past we have sort of done lessons in the big dinning room and in the living room area, sort of casual style. This year, we set up a classroom with everyone having their own space. I wanted to give them the opportunity to focus in a little more with less distraction. I also wanted them to have their own spot to keep all their stuff for learning. Next, we added to our already pretty heavy load of learning an independent reading hour before school starts. This is based on the Robinson Curriculum, but I created my own book lists. Everyone starts the day with one hour of silent reading and works through the book lists at their own pace. If your curious about my book lists, let me know and I will share them with you. I will say they are still a work in progress. Anyway, I wasn't sure if with adding this reading hour in if we would be able to do all our studies in the AM four days a week. But, that was my goal, still. Lastly, the really big change was buddy time. In the past I had each of the kids take a day for buddy day. That was their day to not work on school but help with the little ones. This year I decided to give everyone an assigned hour of buddy time daily, but also have Daniel sort of on call at all times. Daniel's school work is totally new this year in light of his learning disabilities, and he does his lessons in the afternoon, so he has other things he works on in the AM. Anyway, with so many changes I wasn't sure how it would go. Plus, Davey arrived home the week before school started. This was one more change.
So, we started the first week, and I wasn't sure how it was going to go. The first day was so excellent, I was almost to pleased to admit it for fear it would not repeat itself. But ,we got through the first week, and made a few adjustments for the little one's and Daniel, but no major problems. Now we have completed more than a month and it is so great how well they are all doing. I am a strong believer in kid's self teaching, so the older they get the less they need me. Sometimes, that's good and sometimes I miss their needing me. It always amazes me how different each of them are. They find different things interesting, some like learning in an orderly way, others like to be free to think independently, and some read really quickly, and others don't even care to read at all. I have to say, I sometimes worry that they will all realize they are so much smarter than I am, and not listen to me anymore. Hopefully, I have a little longer before they realize this. Thank goodness I don't have to have the answers to all their questions. I am so glad to be able to access information from books, the Internet, and others.
Just in case your wondering what we use for schooling our kids, here is some info on that.
Our base curriculum is ROD and STAFF (it is put out by the Mennonite church). We use it for reading, Bible, science, history, penmanship, and English. We use Math-U-See for math. We also use some of the Robinson curriculum ideas, such as writing daily and reading assigned books. We do add other things in for each student, depending on need and interest.
Here are the links to these curriculum sites: http://www.rodandstaffbooks.com/list/Rod_and_Staff_Curriculum/

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My Weekend by: Lydia

My Grandma Lisa, Aunt Prayer, Uncle Tyler and their kids came over. Uncle Brandon and Tracy came too. My cousin, Kia and I played a lot. We played Barbies, Doctors, and outside. I showed her my new polly pockets. We didn't play on the computer. We liked to look at Tyler's rabbits. Tyler's rabbit's name's are Bugsie, Tom, and Bob. We fed them every day. We played upstairs with Miah. I showed Kia the cats and my glasses. She told me about her cool bunkbed. It sounds cool to me. She painted her wall purple with blue, orange, and yellow pocka dots. She said she wants us to see it. Grandma brought lots of presents. She got one for all of the girls.. Rachel, daniel, miah,and bekah got a cool game, it was called hullaballo. IT is very fun! We played it a whole hour. We are probably going to play it today. We are going to see grandma lisa, uncle tyler, and aunt prayer on thanksgiving. I can't wait til my birthday next month! on november 3rd. THE END!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

School By:Rachel

What I do in school is:

SPELLING,my favorite subject.



SCIENCE co-op on Thursday.

MATH,that is my second favorite subject.



SOCCER on Tues. and Thurs., I am in the big kid league the thirteen and under group. My soccer team is very good, Daniel is also on my team. I think we are going to win lots of games.

MUSIC. CHOIR. It's called Bel canto choir. In my choir we learn all the parts, soprano one and two and alto.

BEGINNING BAND. I play percussion (DRUMS). My teacher in band is very nice. He always explains every thing.

So now you know what I do in school.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Somethings I like (by Brenden orally)

Three things I like are football, math, and being a home schooler. What I like about football is it is really fun. I play flag football on a team. My favorite thing about football is running for a touchdown. This is my first year on a team, and I think I am best at throwing the ball. I like math because it is really fun. Right now I am learning adding, subtracting, and estimating. It is easy. I do math with my sister, Lydia, and my older sister, Tyler, is our teacher. We usually do it on Wednesday. We do it by watching a video and paying close attention. Then we have to do the papers to see if we understand it. I like being home schooled because you have lots of people to ask for help, like your mom, brothers, and sisters. I think it is probably easier than going to regular school. I also like that I don't have to get up as early as other kids for school. That is three things I like, football, math, and being home schooled.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Davey's Home

Davey arrived home August 29th, and we started school the following week. I was so nervous how Davey would fit in and if the other kids could adjust to him and his needs. Boy, was I surprised. It was like he knew his place and everyone else knew it too. I was so amazed at the work the foster family had done to prepare him to come home to us. He knew he was a Hirn and belonged here. He knew all his brothers and sisters names and that they were his family. He knew Dad and Mom. He even knew his house and his dad's car. You may think, so what he is five, that can't be too hard to teach. But, even though he is five, he has some major gliches in his brain. Today he may be able to say, "help me please." and tomorrow I will be lucky to get a "help." Somewhere in his very mixed up mind, he knows one thing and that is that we are his family. This is totally amazing to me. As I get to know him more, the more amazed I am that he get's that. I give his foster family a lot of credit for what they did, but I also have to say it must be the work of the Lord. This whole experience of going and bringing Davey home has been so amazing. The hardest part was taking him from the foster home he knew there. It was very evident their love for him. It reminded Jeremy and I of a time when we were fostering and had to watch a child move on that we didn't really understand why God didn't call us to make that life time committment to. It is so strange how God makes it clear when to hold tight to a child and when even in the pain to let one go. It was so evident that that was going on in the foster familiy's heart. I praise God that he placed Davey with such a wonderful Christian family. The time he had there, I truly believe prepared him to come home to us. If he had remained in the hospital longer I think we would have brought home a totally different boy. Praise God he works all things out in his timing and way. Davey is such a joy to our home. He spends his days playing and learning from his brothers and sisters. They also learn from him. Davey loves wrestling with his brothers and helping his sisters. There is so much more to tell, but i must make supper.
My next blog will be about school and fall my favorite time of year. Keep watching.

Friday, September 26, 2008

thoughts from Miah (age 5)

I miss Andre, my dog.

He played fetch with me.

I am sad we had to give him back to my Aunt.

I liked sleeping with him.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Names By Tyler

The names in my familly all have a name from the Bible, some of us even have two. The first names in my familly from oldest to youngest are Katherine (mom), Jeremy(dad),Daniel, Tyler (me), Rachel, Lydia, Brenden (Bubba), Rebekah (Bekah), Jeremiah (Miah), Joshua (Josh), Zachery (Zach), and Robert (Davey) our newest brother. The middle names again from oldest to youngest, are Eileen, Scott, Tiger, Ann (me), Elizabeth, Lucinda, Joseph, Joy, John, James, Caleb, and David. Now we all share are last name Hirn. Hirn means brain. Well now you know all the names of my family. Bye

Monday, September 22, 2008


Hi I what to tell you about our cats. We got a black cat from Tyler's friend, its Joshua cat and Josh name her Spooky. She was a little kitten when we got her. She loves to go hunting. She caught two birds and a chipmunk!?. And My Grandma had three cats that all together had nineteen kitten's. My Grandpa said all his grandchildren could have one. But My mom said we would have two kitten's. My mom wanted to get Spooky fixed, so she called the human society. But, they didn't have any openings for females. So she scheduled to get the boys fixed. And she asked to get four fixed. When we went to my Grandmas, her kids said one cat died and three kittens died but not on the some day. So we took four kittens home. One is black with a white chest, one has white legs and chest and black and brown stripes. Another has white legs and neck and black and brown stripes and a little gold color on his faces, and the last one is my favorite it has black and brown stripes all over it. I forgot Spooky has a white tip on her tail. She brought her boy friend to our house, and it looks like the last kitten I told you about but bigger.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Room by Tyler

I would like to paint my room. My room is pink right now, but I would like it to be black with glow in the dark green. I do not know how much money paint is going to cost. I know it costs a lot of money. I hope I have enough money for some plain green paint at least, But I do not know if I do. After my room is painted I will put pictures of dogs and pentes all over my walls. I will also like to buy a shelf that hangs on the wall for my stuff. So that I won`t need my cubbies any more and so i`ll have more space in my room. the stuff that doesn`t fit on the shelf I will put in a basket. I think I will ask Bekah to trade bedding with me, and I may get my toy dog Puppy out of my hope chest and set him on my bed with my webkinz Tiny Snowflake and my beany baby Twigs. My room is very small , but I like it better then any other room I have ever had.I don`t really like big rooms. Well I think I covered everything. BYE

My summer in Kansas

Hey it's me Rachel. I wanted to tell you about my summer in Kansas. I went with my sister Tyler. We drove there with my aunt and cousins. We stayed at their house for almost a month. They live in the middle of nowhere, so everything was far away from them. Even their mail box,it was a mile away. They have a farm. So, here are all the animals they own two horses,four calves,five pigs,one steer,four mommy cats,and about 26 baby cats. They also have wild cats everywhere. But they gave most of their cats away,but I think their cats are pregnant again. Oh! They had goats, but when we left they gave them away. Oh! They have four wheelers,and one time my cousin fell off her's and it flipped over on her. I got off my four wheeler pushed her four wheeler off her and got help. Also my aunt Becky signed us up for swimming lessons. But one time I got sick on the way back in the bus,and I threw up on the bus. But I felt better after that. One more thing one time Tyler,my cousin, and I were riding the four wheelers,and we were going to the bales of hay. It was very muddy,and Tyler drove her four wheeler right into the mud and got stuck there. So,we had to get her out it was kind of fun. Well that's all for today.

Monday, September 15, 2008

New thing's by:Lydia

Hi! its Lydia agian and I want to tell the new thing's in my life. We got new cat's. we got two new cat's. we brought home four, and we are going to get two fixed and give them away. Miah's cat is named tiger,. and Rachel's cat named wolverine,. and Josh's cat is named bat man,. and brenden's cat is named constance,. We have a cat. she is a girl. The other cat's are boy's. Spooky is the girl cat. she isn't really getting along with the other cat's. We also have a new brother. his name is Davey. He is five. he does not know when he is hungry or hurt. plus, my mom is going to have a boy too! that would make eleven kid's. we just started:music, soccer, and science. I really like music. I really like the cat's, and my new brother. I also love soccer. well that's all I want to tell you about right now BYE!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Blessed with Friend's (KAtie)

Life is funny. I am so amazed at how it goes. Today, I am feeling so blessed by God's goodness to me. I marvel at his timing. I have been fighting the blues lately. Nothing too serious, but sort of, feeling discouraged and under attack at times. It is funny how Satan takes these times to remind me of my fears and insecurities. Like a lot of people, one of my thoughts when depressed is that I am alone. You know, the line, "no one understands me," "I am too different," and "no one cares about me." Of course, I know that these are lies, and that I am never alone as a member of God's family. Yes, I know he never leaves me. But, all the same I start believing that I can't trust others, and that I don't have any true friends. I am sure I am not alone in these times in life. Anyway, as I have been listening to these lies from Satan, God has been at work to remind me that they truly are lies. In the last week I have had more friend's seek me out and spend time with me in one way or another, then I have in a long time. I would like to write these things down to look back and remind myself next time I feel alone how good God is in providing me with long lasting friendships. This past week I was able to met with my friend Ginger. This is truly a friendship founded in Christ. Ginger and I have known each other since we were toddlers. The amazing thing about our frinedship is that even though I moved from our neighborhood at the age of six across the country from Michigan to Arizona, we remained friends through mail. We wrote letter's to each other often and visited whenever we got a chance. Still to this day, even when we haven't spoken to each other for months or even years, when we get together it is always like getting with a dear special friend. So, it was so nice to visit with her and her family this past week.
God is always doing the craziest things, because this past week I also heard from two dear friend's. Julie and Shannon, moved from Lansing to Cincinnati a few years ago, yet are so special to me. We shared some tough times together in our walk of Faith, and God has created a special bond. Time will fly by and it will seem like i haven't talked to either of them in years, but just like with Ginger as soon as I hear their voice, it is like we never stopped the last conversation. I think that one of the greatest things about these relationships is we can share honestly about our lives and our Christian walk. I walk away from a visit with these friends knowing that they care for me, and hoping that they know I care for them. I have so many other relationships that GOd has blessed me with, of course, my husband, who I grow closer to everyday, my two sister's and my mom, are the best of friends. My church family, is amazing, there are sister's in my church that the Lord uses over and over to show me his love. I am so grateful for them. There are two friend's that have suffered through some really rough times these last years, and I am so grateful God has allowed me to be there for them. He has allowed me to see his mighty hand at work in their lives. I will not name them, but they know who they are. I am so grateful they call me friend and I pray I can always be that to them. This past weekend we spent some time with Jeremy's family, and I always feel so loved by his grandparents, and I again felt blessed by their presence. Isn't it amazing that some of the best blessings are just the presence of someone being there, nothing more.
Well, there are so many other people who have encouraged me these last few weeks, I don't feel comfortably naming them without there permission, but I am so grateful that God doesn't leave me, and he also provides me with others who lavish his love onto me. Well, I would like ot meantion one other frined bewfore I end, and that is my neighbor, Lisa. She is truly an answer to pray for me. I prayed when I moved to this neighborhood for one good neighbor. (I really just meant someone who wouldn't complain about all my kids.) God granted me so much more than a good neighbor, he blessed me with one of the best friend's I could ever have.
Well, as I wirte these blessings of friendships down, in hopes of encouraging myself, I continue to struggle. Isn't that funny. But, I will hold close to the Lord and pray that this discouraging time will pass and become a time of celebration.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Lydia`s Favorites things

Hi! its Lydia again! I want to talk about my favorites.
My favorite thing to do in the summer is swimming,
and my favorite thing to do in the winter is sledding.
one other thing, i like to do is to play outside.
my favorite thing to do at home is: playing with my toys, and my sisters.
my favorite places i like to go out of the house are: the zoo, the store, and the park.
my other favorite thing i like to do at my house are: playing in my room, coloring, and singing. my favorite thing about myself is i have a good imagination.
i LIKE THAT i have black hair black eyes and brown skin.
my favorite animal is a fox.
my favorite color is purple.
my favorite food are french fries.
my favorite toy is my webkinz.
my favorite thing to do when i`m Bord are singing and thinking about stuff.
my second favorite toy are these care bears fun shine bear and best friend bear. they have magnets on their hands they put them together and sing three songs.
my favorite shape is a circle
well I got to go bye!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Summer's Here

Sorry, blog readers, we haven't forgotten you.
It is SUMMER at the Hirn house.
We finished another year of school, and it was the best year ever. I am always so grateful to the Lord that each year has gotten better than the one before it. Our last day of school was May 15th. I was so excited to have all my upper grade student's finish strong and complete their curriculum. My younger students accomplished their goals for the set year and that was very pleasing. I am a bit nervous about next year, since i will have 3 sixth graders, one with a special curriculum to help with his learning disability, two third graders, one first grader, and two starting a routine to prepare for school the following year, and two young ones. But, I am not going to fret on it now, we are in summer mood, and i don't want to think school until August. So, here is what i am focusing on for the summer. I am trying to spend one on one time with the kids, and really just enjoy their presences. This is difficult as I find my self focused on our up coming trip to California to pick up our new son. Yes, in a few weeks Jeremy and i will be traveling to California to pick up Davey. He is five years old and has suffered great trauma as an infant, that has left him with some brain damage. We are so excited to have found him, and bring him home. Yet, there is a lot to be nervous about as well. The trip itself is overwhelming to think about. The leaving all the other kids behind for a week is so nerve racking. How he will do on the trip home. How everyone will adjust once we are home. On and on. But, I know that the Lord has done greater things than this. So, I place my trust in him. Well, anyway, check in again, as the kids will be blogging in soon. Tyler and Rachel will probably tell you about their trip to Kansas, and Daniel may tell you how he learned he has a learning disability and how relieved that makes him. Also, you will have to read about our summer activites.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

The family pet

Hey! It's me Rachel again I want to tell you about our new family pet. It's a dog, a boy dog, full grown. He is four pounds. He is a Mutt His mom was a Yorkie poo and his dad was a Cha WA WA. We named him Andre the GIANT. We call him Andre. Also, he is seven months old. He is named after the guy in princess bride. The big guy whose name is Fezzik in the movie, and there is a guy named Vizzini. Vizzini says, "No more rhyming I mean it!" and then Fezzik says, "anybody want a peanut?" Some of you might know Andre as a famous wrestler. Also, he is a very good watch dog. His bark sounds a lot bigger than he is. Sometimes if he does not recognize you he will bark at you, but if you let him know who you are he won't bark at you.
Well looks like that's all for today! Good bye! Write you next time!

More Bunnies

Hi, it`s Tyler and I have more bunnies ( I have two male bunnies and of course, I still have Buggsie my female Bunny.) The new bunnies are named Bob and Tom. Bob has a blue eye and a brown eye but Tom has two brown eyes. They are both 6.mon and vary cute. They are both black and white. Bob is nicer then Tom and is always at the door waiting for me to feed or pick him up Tom on the other hand tries to stay as far away as possible but he`s getting better. We are not breeding them yet but we will start breeding them in June. That`s all for now. Tyler

Friday, April 11, 2008

What Jeremiah likes about star wars

Hi it is Jeremiah my first blog. What I like about star wars is. My favorite Jedi are Yoda, Obi-Wan, Mac Windu, padme, and one who turns to the darkside Anakin. My favorite sith are Darth Vader, Darth Mual, Count Dooku, and Lord Sidous.

Written by Daniel for Jeremiah age 4

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Lydia's Fun Family Vacation

Hi its Lydia again I want to tell you about my vacation at Kalahari. it was very very fun. I loved to go swimming. I went on a big yellow slide. I liked the lilypads. I fell off once. I liked the water basketball I shot a basket. And i went in the indoor and outdoor hot tub. our room was all the way to the end of one of the halls. There was a play place to! When we got home i wanted to tell all my friends about it. well thats all BYE

Monday, April 7, 2008

Rachel's joy and hope

Hey! It's me Rachel again I want to tell you about my Easter. First, everyone that was a kid in my family got a new bike, except baby Zach he got a baby toy. Also we got a water slide it's not a banzai. It's suppose to be better than a banzai. It can hold a lot of weight and two people can go on it at a time. My parents said it was a gift for a guy from my dad's work, named Donat's. We fell for it. Are bikes are awesome. Daniel's is a mountain bike, so is Tyler's, mine and Lydia's. Brenden's is a BMX bike. Bekah's is a little girl bike, and Jeremiah's and Josh's are BMX bikes. Lydia can't fit hers yet, so she has to ride my old one. Lydia and I have the same new bike. We don't share, but we have the same color and kind. Everyone in my family from my mom to Bekah which is my mom,my dad,Daniel,Tyler,me,Lydia,Brenden and Bekah have no training wheels. Also my parents had tricked us by having my mom open our water slide so we thought it was hers but my younger brother Brenden read the box but we still thought it was my mom's.
Now we are to the part about my hope of spring I hope it gets really hot in spring so we can go on our water slide and I hope it gets really hot in spring so it might get even hotter in summer. Next I hope to see lots of kids outside playing and enjoying the outdoors because for some reason I don't know why I like seeing kids enjoying the outdoors. Also I want to see lots of flowers because their beautiful last I want to have fun and play with my friends. There is a lot more that I am hoping for spring but I just can't think of it now. Good bye God bless you!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hope of spring!!!

Hi blog readers. I want to tell you what I do in the spring. I play soccer with Rachel, and Jimmy and Vince's who are my next door neighbors. We play four square and dodge ball and kickball. I hate mowing the lawn.

I HOPE YOU HAVE A GREAT EASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Rachel's vacation

Hey it is me Rachel again. This time I am going to tell you about my vacation. Me and my family went to Kalahari. It's in Ohio there is one in Wisconsin but we didn't go to that one. There is a GINORMOUS water park it said it was Americas largest indoor water park. I went on almost every water slide. There was one that went around in a spinning circle I went on it with my mom and she cried. I don't blame her it was scary. There was an outdoor water park but it was to cold to go out and play out there. It didn't look as cool though. Also there was a big giant yellow slide and it went outside my brother Brenden said it was his favorite thing in the park. There was also a zip coast0er when you frist lift off it is freaky but it is fun. The wave pool is fun but the life gaurds were a little whistle happy. Also are room was HUGE and it had flat screen tvs in each room awsome isn't it. There is a lot more but if you want to know about it you should go there. Good bye! God bless you!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Learning to Be Content (Katie)

Today, I went to woman's Bible Study. We are study the book of Hebrews. Today's discussion was on Hebrews 12:1-3. " 1Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us. 2Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy set before him endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God. 3Consider him who endured such opposition from sinful men, so that you will not grow weary and lose heart. " WOW, isn't that an awesome passage of scripture. So, motivating, encouraging, and powerful. We talked about the things that hinder us, and I remembered something that the Lord gave to me a few months back. You see my biggest hindrances tend to be in my mind. Those thoughts that are not so HOLY. Sometimes those thoughts leak out,and then they not only discourage me, but others. especially, my kids. The Lord told me a few months back that I needed to stop Seeing things in the wrong light. Stop Complaining, Comparing, Criticizing, and Coveting. I needed to Start Being the woman he made me to Be. By Blessing, Believing, Belonging, and Building Up. I don't know about you, but I think that is a great way to learn to be Content, and to teach it to our children. I have to tell you, I have not mastered this list, or even come close to fully understanding how God does these things in our lives. But, I am trusting him to do it.
So, here's the recap:
Stop Complaining (Phil. 2:14) Start Blessing (1 Cor. 4:12)
Stop Comparing (Gal. 6:4) Start Belonging (Eph. 4:6)
Stop Criticizing (Luke 6:37) Start Building Up (Eph. 4:29)
stop Coveting (Ex. 20:17) Start Believing (2 Tim. 1:12)

May God encourage you with these words.

My family vacation

Hey it is Daniel again I want to tell you about my family vacation. We went to Ohio. There we went to Kalahari the Indoor water park it is the biggest water in America. It was fun they had a hot tub in side and out it was cool. They had big rides. They had yellow, blue, purple, orange, and green too. I went on the big yellow, and the blue one. They let you pretend you can surf. They had hotel rooms, we were on the third floor it was a long way. Mom said it was a good exercise. The tv's were flat screen tv's how cool is that. If you want to see it yourself go to. http://www.kalahariresrots.com/

Tyler's Rabbit Snowball Gone

Hi, It`s Tyler again. I`m really sad because my pet rabbit Snowball just died. We don`t know why he died he had food, water, a warm bed of hay, and was a young bunny. My mom said he probably had a stroke or heart attack. I still have a bunny named Buggies its a girl bunny. I still miss Snowball a lot. Mom says I can get another bunny in the spring and maybe get it for free. I will take a boy rabbit are a girl. But I really want a girl so they won't have babies. Well then again baby Bunnies would be fun. Well that's all for now. It really helped to right about Snowballs death. Tyler.

Big Water park Hotel

Hi, my names Bekah. We went to a Indoor water park in Ohio. Before we got there we went to a restaurant called Ryans. Are room was the very last room in the big hotel. By the water park was a jungle gym. It was bigger then four McDonald's play place. In the water park I almost went on a big yellow water slid but I got to scared. But I did go on some of the smaller slides. Before, you even see the jungle gym out side the water park there's an arcade. On the first day, we played in the arcade. The hotel is an African theme and is called Kalahari. The hotel was fun. That's all for now. Bekah

Lydia's Haiku; The rainy day

First for school I had to make a poem. My poem was about a rainy day. It was;

the rain is leaking.
down the foggy dark gray road.
downpour rain dark sky.

Lydia's story; The yummy soup

Once upon a time there were four bears. The mama bear was making a special soup for her family. Her ingredients were;
1. cup of tomato juice.
7. slices of carrots.
5. cups of broccoli juice.
10. slices of lettuce.
14.pounds of meat.
The bears eat it. All of it! It was very yummy they called it the yummy soup.
the end.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Ugly Shirt

Hi, my name is Jeremy and I am the husband/father of this family. I wanted to tell you a story that gives a little insight to my sense of humor.

It started when my wife showed me these shirts she was thinking about getting my son and I on EBay. They were both radical Hawaiian style shirts, but I thought it might be fun to dress like my son for a day. Later in the week my wife called me at work upset, the shirts had arrived and they were not what she was expecting at all. The one said it was a boys 8/9 and it was a wore out men's medium and the other was a hideously ugly, old set of curtains or maybe a tablecloth, shirt. To try to make my wife feel better I assured her I would wear the ugly thing to work the next day. This just upset her more and said you better not that thing should be burned.

Well the next day I decided to wear the shirt as a joke hoping someone would say something, like "that shirt is a little loud" or "what are you wearing?" To setup my wonderfully funny joke of "this is not a shirt this is a cry out for help, I can't get my wife off of Ebay!!" I know you are thinking that is an awful long way to go just for one lame joke, but that is me.

Well wouldn't you know I went through eight hours of work and an hour long staff meeting, where every one in my department had to look at this hideouly ugly set of old curtains and not one person said anything. So I headed home sure that everybody was laughing as I left, well at least everyone else probably got a good chuckle out of it.

When I walked in the door my wife about fell over with embaresment, and the sheer hideousness of the shirt kept her in stitches throughout the night.

Later as we talked about the events of the day we wondered what was going through my coworkers heads, did they think that I looked nice in the shirt. I assure you that could not have been the case not even the sexiest man alive, even though I am close, would look good in this shirt. So the only other option is they think I always dress this tacky. Well it is a sad state of affairs, but that is my story.

Monday, March 3, 2008

My favorites songs

Hey, it isDaniel again. My favorite CD's are Hannah Montana 2, Carrie Underwood carnival ride and some hearts, Meet Miley Cyrus, Taylor swift, and rascal Flatt's. My favorite songs in Hannah Montana 2 are nobody perfect, rock star, one in a million, and you and me together. In Carrie Underwood's, Carnival Ride my favorite songs are all a American girl, just a dream, get out of this town, last name, the more boys i meet, and wheel of the world. In Carrie Underwood's CD some hearts my favorite songs are wasted, don't forget to remember me, Jesus take the wheel, the night before ( life goes on), lessons learned, before he cheats, stars with goodbye, we're young and beautiful, when ever you remember, and i ain't in Checotah. In the CD Meet Miley Cyrus my favorites are see you again, star all over, G.N.O. girl night out, and i miss you. In Taylor Swift's CD are Tim mcgraw, picture to burn, tear drops on me guitar, a place in this world, cold as you, stay beautiful, Mary song(oh my my my), and our song. In rascal Flatt's my favorite's songs are you are then i did, fast car and freedom, here's to you, and Oklahoma ( Texas line).


Friday, February 29, 2008

What Lydia Likes

Hi! its Lydia again. I want to tell you all about my favorite toys. One of my favorite toys are care bares. I collect them. I have four so far. My other toys are polly pockets, and Barbies. I have fourteen polly pockets and eight Barbies. I like playing with them with my sister Rebekah. I even have a webkinz. I have a pink poodle her name is cleo. I got for my webkink a tredmill and even a bath tub. I give her lots of baths. Well it was nice talking about my favorites. Good Bye!

(NOTE: a webkinz is a on-line pet)

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

What Brenden likes

Hi! my name is Brenden. I like to play with Rescue Heroes. They are toys from fisher-price toys. My favorite food is spaghetti. I have a webkinz bullfrog his name is Spot. My favorite color is red. I am eight all most nine. my birth day is may 5th. I am in 2nd and 3rd grade. I sleep in a bunk bed with my four year old brother. His name is Jeremiah but we call him Mia. My littler brother Josh is also my roommate. well Looks like that`s all for today good bye

Friday, February 22, 2008

Rachel's pet's

Hi! It's me Rachel again. Today I am going to tell you about my fish. I have eight of them. I used to have different fish but my two big fish ate them all except one. So I had to get separate tanks and buy more fish. I used to have twelve fish but some died and now I have eight. Their names are Molly, zebra, Zach, Zany, Sucker, Little Red and the big fish names are Moe and Joe. The one fish that Moe and Joe did not eat is
Molly. Well that's all for today. Talk to you next time.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tyler's Pet Bunnies

Hi, My name is Tyler. I've already wrote in the blog once. I'm going to tell you about my pet bunnies Snowball and Bugsy. Snowball is a male bunny and Bugsy is a female. They like to eat lots of foods people like such as apples, cabbage, carrots, lettuce, and lots of other foods they also like hay and grass but their normal food is rabbet pellets. I'm going to tell you a story about Bugsy. Well we have to cages for when Bugsy is pregnant so snowball won't hurt the babies when their born. So we had snowball and buggies in the same cage at first and buggies was getting fat. So we put her in the movable cage to bring her in side. Well, we had her inside forever and she never had babies. Then one day my Aunt Becky called us, and my mom told her that Bugsy never had her babies. My Aunt Becky said, It was just her winter fat. So now buggies is back outside in the movable cage in the garage. Well that's all for now. Tyler

My Favorite Recipe.

Hey it is Daniel again. I'm going to tell you my favorite recipe. You will need sugar, peanut butter, a stick of butter, vanilla, oatmeal, Hershey's cocoa, and milk. Put it all in the pan.

  1. 2 cup white sugar
  2. 4 tbsp Hershey cocoa
  3. 1/2 cup milk
  4. let it broil for 2 to 3 min.
  5. lay down wax paper to put cookies on
  6. Add next ingredients
  7. 1 cup peanut butter
  8. 1tsb.vanilla
  9. 3 cup oatmeal
  10. place on wax paper to cool and harden
  11. enjoy

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Daniel #1

Hi it's Daniel again. I while tell you what I like to do. I read Star Wars books. I have the whole series one to six. I play on the internet. My favorite games are webkinzworld, fun Brian and cartoon network. My favorite moives are "Star Wars" and "High school musical 1and2".This week I watched "A knight's tale" and "matrix reloaded". They were cool. My favorite CD's are Carrie Underwood's, "Carnival ride" and "Some Hearts", Taylor swift, and Rascal flatts. I aslo like "Hannah montana2/meet miley cyrus". My favorite games are chess, mancala, solitaire, and checkers. I play the clarinet. I've been playing almost 3 years. My favorite songs to play are"you're a grand old flag","Over the river and through the woods", yankee doodle", "Anasazi" "London Bridges " and"Frere Jacques". I am working on "york town march", "serengeti", and"march on a welsh air." Sorry it was long. Bye.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Just thinking outloud (Katie)

I have been thinking about life and how it can be so NOT what we planned. Sometimes that is a good thing. Like I never planned to have nine kids by the time I was 35, but what a blessing God has given me. On the other hand, it can not be so good. Like a dear sweet friend of mine, never planned to have cancer. I have to say that I am usually okay with the unexpected way of things, and try to remember that God works all things together for the good of those who love him. But, there are sometimes, that I just struggle with the big WHY? For example, my friend that has cancer, she is a great example of how God works though someone to love others. She is soft spoken and gentle with others. She works in a field that requires her to have great patience with others. She serves the Lord with all her heart, and she cares for her family (and they care for and love her). So, the one side of me says, see the Lord will use this to strengthen her, her family, others whom she comes in contact with, and maybe even to further the Kingdom with new soles brought to Christ. Yet, the other side of me argues does it have to be such a tough road, can't lives be changed without so much pain, sorrow, lose, and suffering. Yes, I know we live in a fallen world and these things are not of God's making, but of man's as we are decieved by the Evil one. But, God is God and he is capable of so much more than I know or am aware of. So, then my next question is if God can bring so much Glory to himself by a miraculous healing and a radical testimony of his Power, why not that way. I know, His ways are not Our ways. Some say we don't believe so we don't recieve. I have to tell you I believe! I think it is not a lack of belief in God's power to do the amazing in an instant, as much is it is a test to see if we trust him in the long run. I experience these times in my walk when I realize I didn't truly trust him to care for and protect me. I think I rely on him, but often I find I rely on my own strength to figure out how to make my budget work with such a large family. I trust my own mathmatic skills and my smart shopping skills, and I even often am proud of what I did to save money, or to stretch the funds. But, in truth, I realize it is only when I have to trust him, because there is no other way, that I lay it completely at his feet. I guess I wonder, do we ever learn to truly trust, to truly rely, to truly believe, or is it something that every morning we must ask of the Father to give us each day. I auctually have to start each and every morning asking Him to see me through the day, and at the end I am so thankful if I have made it through anothe day without forgetting to whom I belong. Just thinking out loud!