Thursday, April 24, 2008

The family pet

Hey! It's me Rachel again I want to tell you about our new family pet. It's a dog, a boy dog, full grown. He is four pounds. He is a Mutt His mom was a Yorkie poo and his dad was a Cha WA WA. We named him Andre the GIANT. We call him Andre. Also, he is seven months old. He is named after the guy in princess bride. The big guy whose name is Fezzik in the movie, and there is a guy named Vizzini. Vizzini says, "No more rhyming I mean it!" and then Fezzik says, "anybody want a peanut?" Some of you might know Andre as a famous wrestler. Also, he is a very good watch dog. His bark sounds a lot bigger than he is. Sometimes if he does not recognize you he will bark at you, but if you let him know who you are he won't bark at you.
Well looks like that's all for today! Good bye! Write you next time!

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