Friday, October 10, 2008

Science Camp Part 1 by Tyler

I am soooooo excited because Rachel and I are going to science camp. I have been to science camp before. But, Rachel hasn`t ever gone. I am going again, so Rachel knows someone there. Science is my favorite subject. Last time I went to science camp I had sooooo much fun. We touched snakes, played games, saw an emu and wild turkeys, and went for walks in the woods. The food there is really good too. I think Rachel will like the Blue Racer snake and Hermite the frog. The girls sleep in one big room with lots of bunk beds. The boys sleep down the hall. Between the boys and girls is a big room with a vending machine, a drinking fountain, and a box of balls to play with. Well I can't wait to go to science camp. TYLER

1 comment:

  1. Well I know Science camp has already come and gone and that you and Rachel had a great time!! Cept I don't think touching the snakes is something I could do..LOL.