Thursday, November 20, 2008

What I'm thankfull for By:Rachel

This is about what I am thankful for. I'm thankful for my neighbors,and friends I will name some neighbors and friends Alvarado's (Jimmy,Vincent,William) the Boles (Jasan,Nathan). I'm also thankful for my church family,and friends I will name the families from church Bakers, Bloomfield's, Boles, Dickinson's, Krise, Lukins, Taylor's, Stecklebergs, Smiths, Patterson's, McCormick's,Ms.Symansic, and the Frazees. I'm thankful for my cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. Here are some of my cousins names Faith, Lisa, Fiah, Eli, Eric(Ryan), Elizabeth, Emma, Elisa, Ehran, Ean, Ethan, Kasi, Kiah, Tanner, and Jacob.Here are some of my uncle's names uncle Eric,uncle Cam,Alex,Micheal (Bubba),Steven,Jackson,Parker (Peanut),Hudson,Eddison,Rory(Tank),uncle Brandon,and uncle Tyler. Now here are some of my aunt's names aunt Becky,aunt Chopper,Emily,Melisa,Annie,Lizzie,and aunt Prayer. I'm also thank full for my dad's job (alro steel). I'm thank full for toys,books,school,food,grocrie stores,and nature. Also I'm thank full for freedom,church,and my family that lives with me mom,dad,Daniel,Tyler,me,Lydia,Brenden,Rebekah, Davey,Jeremiah,Joshua,Zachary,and Pillow. Also I'm thank full for our home,clothes,coats,snowpants,and diapers for babies. Last but not least I'm thank full for our pets and our wii. Now you know what I'm thankfull for.

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