Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My summer in Kansas

Hey it's me Rachel. I wanted to tell you about my summer in Kansas. I went with my sister Tyler. We drove there with my aunt and cousins. We stayed at their house for almost a month. They live in the middle of nowhere, so everything was far away from them. Even their mail box,it was a mile away. They have a farm. So, here are all the animals they own two horses,four calves,five pigs,one steer,four mommy cats,and about 26 baby cats. They also have wild cats everywhere. But they gave most of their cats away,but I think their cats are pregnant again. Oh! They had goats, but when we left they gave them away. Oh! They have four wheelers,and one time my cousin fell off her's and it flipped over on her. I got off my four wheeler pushed her four wheeler off her and got help. Also my aunt Becky signed us up for swimming lessons. But one time I got sick on the way back in the bus,and I threw up on the bus. But I felt better after that. One more thing one time Tyler,my cousin, and I were riding the four wheelers,and we were going to the bales of hay. It was very muddy,and Tyler drove her four wheeler right into the mud and got stuck there. So,we had to get her out it was kind of fun. Well that's all for today.

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