Friday, November 21, 2008

BRACES! Daniel

I'm getting braces.

WHEN: January 12 2009

WHERE: Lansing Mi.

WHO:DR. John. B. Faust.

WHY:My teeth are very crooked.

HOW DO I FEEL:excited,scared,worried,and sad.

WHY DO I FEEL EXCITED: Because I get to show everybody my braces.

WHY DO I FEEL SCARED: Because what if the braces fall off and I have to get them back in.

WHY DO I FEEL WORRIED:Because what if they put the braces in the wrong place.

WHY DO I FEEL SAD: Because I want to get them earlier.


What I am Thankful For by Tyler

I`m thankful for so much that it would take years and years to write it all down. So I`ll just write some of the stuff I`m thankful for. I`m thankful for my family Mom, Dad, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and so forth. I`m thankful for the Bible and God. I`m thankful for my home, my bedroom, my toys, and my bed. I`m thankful for food and water. I`m thankful for clothes, shoes, education, pens, paper, and other stuff. I`m thankful for my dad's job, my Friends, warmth, and blankets. I`m thankful to have freedom of religion, speech, and freedom of assembly. I`m thankful for Church. I`m thankful for trees, flowers, grass, rocks, and other plants. These are some of the things I`m thankful for. Tyler

The Yummy Popsicles by:Lydia

Once a upon a time there was a boy, who loved popsicles. He decided to make his own kind. He decided to make a marshmellow popsicle. He started it when he was fifteen. He told everyone about it. Soon he began his work. He met the mayor and the president, because his popsicles were so good. He and his family began to move, to Washington. Then he went to a machine place to make his popsicles. Lots of people started to buy the popsicles. He made lots of money for his popsicles. Soon he was famous and he lived in a hotel, and had lots of money. His family lived with him in his hotel, and servants lived there too! THE END!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

What I'm thankfull for By:Rachel

This is about what I am thankful for. I'm thankful for my neighbors,and friends I will name some neighbors and friends Alvarado's (Jimmy,Vincent,William) the Boles (Jasan,Nathan). I'm also thankful for my church family,and friends I will name the families from church Bakers, Bloomfield's, Boles, Dickinson's, Krise, Lukins, Taylor's, Stecklebergs, Smiths, Patterson's, McCormick's,Ms.Symansic, and the Frazees. I'm thankful for my cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. Here are some of my cousins names Faith, Lisa, Fiah, Eli, Eric(Ryan), Elizabeth, Emma, Elisa, Ehran, Ean, Ethan, Kasi, Kiah, Tanner, and Jacob.Here are some of my uncle's names uncle Eric,uncle Cam,Alex,Micheal (Bubba),Steven,Jackson,Parker (Peanut),Hudson,Eddison,Rory(Tank),uncle Brandon,and uncle Tyler. Now here are some of my aunt's names aunt Becky,aunt Chopper,Emily,Melisa,Annie,Lizzie,and aunt Prayer. I'm also thank full for my dad's job (alro steel). I'm thank full for toys,books,school,food,grocrie stores,and nature. Also I'm thank full for freedom,church,and my family that lives with me mom,dad,Daniel,Tyler,me,Lydia,Brenden,Rebekah, Davey,Jeremiah,Joshua,Zachary,and Pillow. Also I'm thank full for our home,clothes,coats,snowpants,and diapers for babies. Last but not least I'm thank full for our pets and our wii. Now you know what I'm thankfull for.

Friday, November 14, 2008

When JOSH Grows Up

When Josh grows up, he `s going to be a football player. With a medium house and big family. His wife`s name will be Tina. He will have six kid`s 3 boys and 3 girls. The girls will be Tina, Tinann, and Sarah. The boys will be Michael, Michael Jr. and Joshy. He will have a small, blue car and big red van, just like we have now, only are van is dark blue not red. Josh`s house will be purple and blue. He will have lots of pets. These are what animals he will have a dog named Andre, a cat named cookies, 5 fish named spot, dot, speckled, splat, and johny bob, and a mouse named mouse. The dog will be Michael jr`s. The cat will be Micheal and Tinann`s. the fishes will be everybodies, and the mouse will be Joshy`s. That is Josh's story as he told it to me. Tyler

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thoughts about our Nation

Wow, the election has come to an end and our country continues to struggle to get along and understand each other. As the elcetion closed, I realized that even in the church we don't always agree politically. As a very opinionated person, I sometimes can't sees things from others perspective. So, I find myself trying to understand those whose opinions may differ from my own. I wonder if others are struggling as well. I voted for McCain and I truly believe I made a choice that honored God with my vote. But, that doesn't mean that the millions of you that voted for O'Bama didn't pray and choose him with the desire of honoring God and country. So, like I told my kids God is in control and he wants us to respect and pray for those whom are chosen to lead. I guess I had the simple faith that they have, because they take me at my word and they faithfully lift our current and future president up in their daily prayers. Wow, if I was only as disciplined. I wonder if all of us took time each dayto pray for our nation and it's leadership, what would happen. I can only imaging that at the very least we would pay more attention to others in our countryand probably care more personnally about them. Then to think if we were all praying for unity, peace, understanding, compasion, etc. and the Lord answered our prayers. What a change we would see in our lives and country. I guess my thought is this maybew I don't see eye to eye with others on some issues, but can I try and see things from their vantige point. There is a great book that Stormie O'Martian wrote (personnally I love all of Stomie's books) "The Power of a Praying Nation." You know, I think if I put this book in the bathroom, maybe I can hide out in there once a day, and pray the prayers in it each day. I think I will give that a try. Below I have added a link to some prayers you might appreciate.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Pick a pet by Rachel

If I could pick any animal in the world to be my pet, even if it was an imaginary animal. I would pick a griffin. Why? I will tell you why. First, I will tell you what a griffin is. A griffin is a made up animal of a lion and bird together. Now i will tell you why I want one. Of course, I will train the griffin to be nice.Then I would ride on the griffin then we won't have to use the car because the griffin will take us everywhere. Also we could make a business where we give griffin rides for money. I would probable get a girl griffin and later on I would get a boy griffin. I would name my girl griffin Sally and if I got a boy I would name him Steven and call him Steve. I would probable want to get them when they were babies because they would be really cute,and easier to train. We would have a lot of fun just me my griffins and probable my family to. Well now you know what animal I would get if I could get any animal I wanted even if it were fake and you know why.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Playing in the leaves

Last week my sisters and I were playing in the leaves. First we raked the leaves into a leaf pile. Then a cat jumped in the leaf pile and got all buried except it's face. So we took a picture. Then we decided to take more pictures of people and cats in the leaf pile. So we put the cats in the leaf pile and they wouldn't stay. so we had to go under the leaves and hold the cats but we had to stay buried. Then we took the picture. We also did lots of other pictures. We took a picture of Lydia sitting in the leaves and kissing my cat. We took one picture of Bekah upside down and all buried. We had so much fun even though some of the pictures didn't turn out. Now you know what Lydia,Bekah,and I did in the leaves last week.

Daniel reporting

This blog is about stuff WE did this month. This Monday the 11th of Nov I'm joining band again, and I'm still playing the CLARINET. I'm also playing the FLUTE at home. On the flute I can only play 5 to 10 notes but I only get it for a year. Rachel is playing the bells and singing in choir and she has to practice 180 minutes for band and 180 for choir a week. Tyler is in the highest choir, she has to practice 270 minutes a week. Lydia, Brenden, and Bekah are in elementary music class. School is the same. But this past Monday- Thursday I did not do school because we had a lot of errands. On Wednesday we went to get the pizza and cookie dough orders and went to dads work to give his co- works their stuff. Thursday we do science co-ops and Rachel, Tyler, and Me do PE at the YMCA. But I did not go because I was at the neighbors from 1 to 4:30 visiting since my friend had surgery. Well, that's all for now.

My Favorites By Tyler

Today I`m going to tell you my favorites. Now lets start with my favorite books. My favorite books are the Jack Sparrow series specifically, "The Age of Bronze,"book #5, "Silver, book #6, and "The coming storm," book#1. I also like the Mandie series but I`ve only read 5 Mandie books and I liked them all. I like Narnia books and I like the Hobbit, which I just finished not long ago. Oh, and I also like The Baby Sitters Club series. My favorite story books are "Mama, do you Love Me" by Barbara M. Josee, Arthur books by Marc Brown, and "Mary and Martha" by Marty Rhodes Finley. My favorite c.d.s are "Mercy Me," "The Cheetah Girls," "Skillet," "Taylor Swift," and lots more. My favorite stuffed animals are my Puppy who is nose less and 77 year old dog, in dog years that is (11 in people years) and Tiny Snowflake my Webkinz. My favorite stickers are a unicorn and a elephant. Last, but not lest, my favorite creature is a Pente. So those are some of my favorite things. Tyler