Thursday, April 24, 2008

The family pet

Hey! It's me Rachel again I want to tell you about our new family pet. It's a dog, a boy dog, full grown. He is four pounds. He is a Mutt His mom was a Yorkie poo and his dad was a Cha WA WA. We named him Andre the GIANT. We call him Andre. Also, he is seven months old. He is named after the guy in princess bride. The big guy whose name is Fezzik in the movie, and there is a guy named Vizzini. Vizzini says, "No more rhyming I mean it!" and then Fezzik says, "anybody want a peanut?" Some of you might know Andre as a famous wrestler. Also, he is a very good watch dog. His bark sounds a lot bigger than he is. Sometimes if he does not recognize you he will bark at you, but if you let him know who you are he won't bark at you.
Well looks like that's all for today! Good bye! Write you next time!

More Bunnies

Hi, it`s Tyler and I have more bunnies ( I have two male bunnies and of course, I still have Buggsie my female Bunny.) The new bunnies are named Bob and Tom. Bob has a blue eye and a brown eye but Tom has two brown eyes. They are both 6.mon and vary cute. They are both black and white. Bob is nicer then Tom and is always at the door waiting for me to feed or pick him up Tom on the other hand tries to stay as far away as possible but he`s getting better. We are not breeding them yet but we will start breeding them in June. That`s all for now. Tyler

Friday, April 11, 2008

What Jeremiah likes about star wars

Hi it is Jeremiah my first blog. What I like about star wars is. My favorite Jedi are Yoda, Obi-Wan, Mac Windu, padme, and one who turns to the darkside Anakin. My favorite sith are Darth Vader, Darth Mual, Count Dooku, and Lord Sidous.

Written by Daniel for Jeremiah age 4

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Lydia's Fun Family Vacation

Hi its Lydia again I want to tell you about my vacation at Kalahari. it was very very fun. I loved to go swimming. I went on a big yellow slide. I liked the lilypads. I fell off once. I liked the water basketball I shot a basket. And i went in the indoor and outdoor hot tub. our room was all the way to the end of one of the halls. There was a play place to! When we got home i wanted to tell all my friends about it. well thats all BYE

Monday, April 7, 2008

Rachel's joy and hope

Hey! It's me Rachel again I want to tell you about my Easter. First, everyone that was a kid in my family got a new bike, except baby Zach he got a baby toy. Also we got a water slide it's not a banzai. It's suppose to be better than a banzai. It can hold a lot of weight and two people can go on it at a time. My parents said it was a gift for a guy from my dad's work, named Donat's. We fell for it. Are bikes are awesome. Daniel's is a mountain bike, so is Tyler's, mine and Lydia's. Brenden's is a BMX bike. Bekah's is a little girl bike, and Jeremiah's and Josh's are BMX bikes. Lydia can't fit hers yet, so she has to ride my old one. Lydia and I have the same new bike. We don't share, but we have the same color and kind. Everyone in my family from my mom to Bekah which is my mom,my dad,Daniel,Tyler,me,Lydia,Brenden and Bekah have no training wheels. Also my parents had tricked us by having my mom open our water slide so we thought it was hers but my younger brother Brenden read the box but we still thought it was my mom's.
Now we are to the part about my hope of spring I hope it gets really hot in spring so we can go on our water slide and I hope it gets really hot in spring so it might get even hotter in summer. Next I hope to see lots of kids outside playing and enjoying the outdoors because for some reason I don't know why I like seeing kids enjoying the outdoors. Also I want to see lots of flowers because their beautiful last I want to have fun and play with my friends. There is a lot more that I am hoping for spring but I just can't think of it now. Good bye God bless you!