Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Ugly Shirt

Hi, my name is Jeremy and I am the husband/father of this family. I wanted to tell you a story that gives a little insight to my sense of humor.

It started when my wife showed me these shirts she was thinking about getting my son and I on EBay. They were both radical Hawaiian style shirts, but I thought it might be fun to dress like my son for a day. Later in the week my wife called me at work upset, the shirts had arrived and they were not what she was expecting at all. The one said it was a boys 8/9 and it was a wore out men's medium and the other was a hideously ugly, old set of curtains or maybe a tablecloth, shirt. To try to make my wife feel better I assured her I would wear the ugly thing to work the next day. This just upset her more and said you better not that thing should be burned.

Well the next day I decided to wear the shirt as a joke hoping someone would say something, like "that shirt is a little loud" or "what are you wearing?" To setup my wonderfully funny joke of "this is not a shirt this is a cry out for help, I can't get my wife off of Ebay!!" I know you are thinking that is an awful long way to go just for one lame joke, but that is me.

Well wouldn't you know I went through eight hours of work and an hour long staff meeting, where every one in my department had to look at this hideouly ugly set of old curtains and not one person said anything. So I headed home sure that everybody was laughing as I left, well at least everyone else probably got a good chuckle out of it.

When I walked in the door my wife about fell over with embaresment, and the sheer hideousness of the shirt kept her in stitches throughout the night.

Later as we talked about the events of the day we wondered what was going through my coworkers heads, did they think that I looked nice in the shirt. I assure you that could not have been the case not even the sexiest man alive, even though I am close, would look good in this shirt. So the only other option is they think I always dress this tacky. Well it is a sad state of affairs, but that is my story.


  1. Thank you Jeremy!
    I just had a great stress relieving laugh due to your post.
    I think they saw you as a very secure man. And maybe just a tad crazy.


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  3. Hi - Pam here...co-worker of Jeremy's. I remember this shirt. I thought maybe he had borrowed it from our other co-worker, Mike. :)

  4. Ok...seriously!! As your favorite sister in law..I demand you wear this curtain/tablecloth fabric this weekend when we come to see you guys. I don't think I have ever laughed so hard about something in my life! I had tears pouring down my face! Thanks Jer!