Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thoughts about our Nation

Wow, the election has come to an end and our country continues to struggle to get along and understand each other. As the elcetion closed, I realized that even in the church we don't always agree politically. As a very opinionated person, I sometimes can't sees things from others perspective. So, I find myself trying to understand those whose opinions may differ from my own. I wonder if others are struggling as well. I voted for McCain and I truly believe I made a choice that honored God with my vote. But, that doesn't mean that the millions of you that voted for O'Bama didn't pray and choose him with the desire of honoring God and country. So, like I told my kids God is in control and he wants us to respect and pray for those whom are chosen to lead. I guess I had the simple faith that they have, because they take me at my word and they faithfully lift our current and future president up in their daily prayers. Wow, if I was only as disciplined. I wonder if all of us took time each dayto pray for our nation and it's leadership, what would happen. I can only imaging that at the very least we would pay more attention to others in our countryand probably care more personnally about them. Then to think if we were all praying for unity, peace, understanding, compasion, etc. and the Lord answered our prayers. What a change we would see in our lives and country. I guess my thought is this maybew I don't see eye to eye with others on some issues, but can I try and see things from their vantige point. There is a great book that Stormie O'Martian wrote (personnally I love all of Stomie's books) "The Power of a Praying Nation." You know, I think if I put this book in the bathroom, maybe I can hide out in there once a day, and pray the prayers in it each day. I think I will give that a try. Below I have added a link to some prayers you might appreciate.

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