Friday, October 19, 2012

Weekly assignment sheet

Ok, so I had plans to write this really great blog today. But, since I did not get that done, I will share with you what I did get done.  In an effort to help my children that can't remember their weekly assignments even when I have them write them down, I put together a sheet for the next school week for them.  I thought I would share it here.  People ask me about our day, and our school studies, and it is hard to explain.  So, this may help a little.  This brief outline does not included a lot of the little kids activities, but it gives a list of the focus points for the week.  Please feel free to post questions and share it with others.  I will try and post a follow up, after the week is over of how it went with this little asignment sheet.

Week 3, October 22, 2012

Bible reading:

Duet. 9-12
Book of Joel
Psalms 23-33
Matt 8-10
1 Peter 1-3
read orally to elementary student at breakfast, upper grade students read on own and journal

Historical Focus and Biblical teaching:

Deuteronomy Study with Beth Moore ls. One Law of Love
(read ls. One article on pg. 6-11)
Wednesday evening as a family

dig in deep into Duet. during your independent Bible time.
(create maps and charts using internet, concordance, etc.)
independent work

Memory Focus:

Introduce Deuteronomy 6:1-9 during morning worship
(copy it in full into your binder and draw a picture or write a journal about it)
(Elem. Students copy verse 1 only and draw a picture)

Copy Work Focus:

Psalms 14-22
(take your time, do your best to get it in, but do not push too fast that you make mistakes)
copy time is from 9-10 am and 11 to noon, elementary students work with mom during this time

Focus on punctuation and capitalization. Remember it is poetry and therefore, doesn't always follow the regular punctuation and capitalization rules. Take time to read it out loud to yourself, and try and make it flow like poetry. Maybe read it to each other, pointing out to one another how to make it sound like poetry.
Independent work

Science Focus:

read lesson four of Zoology book 1: Flying creatures of the fifth day.
Independent work
Watch Moody Classics: Dust or Destiny
together in evening
(make notes in binder)

Missionary Focus:

Kisses from Katie read chapter 8
together at dinner
(do research on Uganda, map it, find out about it's population, look for recent articles about it in the news.)
Independent work

Math Focus:

Rounding, Basic Number Properties, and Number Baes intro.
Taught by Rachel afternoon Wed., Thurs., and Fri.

Music study:

HSMA Monday nights
private lessons Tues afternoon
practice time in afternoon daily

Additional Studies:

Hebrew: daily mom and Tyler 1 pm

Bible w/ dad study of Isaiah 53 Tues and Thurs. evenings

family Work out (P.E.) Tues and Thur evenings with Rachel

Independent work outs as assigned by Rachel

Good News Club prep and practice prep on Monday, practice on Tues,. Do on Weds afternoons