Friday, December 19, 2008

What I should write about: Daniel

What I should write about. I'm going to write about how many animals My family had. The first animal We had was a dog named Max. He was a Golden Retriever mix. He was My mom's babysitter(ha ha ha ha). Max died because he got to old. Next we got a cat from My Grandma. I don't now what kind it was but it's fur looked like butterscotch. Once he caught a rabbit and he brought it home and My dad had to cacth it in his hat then he had to drop a rock a it's head. Then We got another dog from My Grandma and it was a Basset hound and his name was Boaz. He was stupid and he chewed most of My stuff. Then My mom said We have to give him away. Then We got a cat from someone down the street it had white paws and the rest of it was black. He was Rachel's cat she named it Mittens. Then We had to move to a different house and Mittens hides under the deck. So We never got him back. Then We got another dog from My other Grandma his name was Shooter. Why because any time We played basketball he want to play. I don't know what kind of dog he was. That's it for know because I have to do jobs before My dad comes home. BYE

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