Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Thanksgiving letter

Here is a copy of our family Thanksgiving letter:

Dear Friends and family,
Happy Thanksgiving! I love this holiday. In fact, it is my favorite time of year. I love the fall season with school starting, the leaves changing colors, apples and pumpkins, and cool weather for baking. I also, love Thanksgiving because it is a time to reflect on the things we are so grateful for. This year has been busy and exciting and has given us even more to be thankful for. We enjoy making an annual Thanksgiving list as a family starting November 1st. Jeremy and I thought we would share some of our thanksgiving list with you, the people who made the top of the list.
Yes, each of you receiving this letter made the list. We are so grateful for the people in our lives: Our parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles who have guided our lives since we were infants. Our many siblings who helped us develop into the adults we are today. Our neighbors, who are truly irreplaceable in our lives. Our church family, who without your love and support we would never continue on this crazy journey God has placed us on. Our doctors and their excellent staff, with a family this large good medical care is such a blessing. Our friends and co-workers, whose lives intermingle with ours everyday and help us live in the real world. We are so grateful that God has given us so many people to share our lives with.
Of course, as we think of all the people whom God has blessed us with, our kids are at the top of the list. This year has been exciting for each of them too. Daniel became our first teen this year. He has grown so much, he is almost as tall as Jeremy now. He played soccer again this year and continues to enjoy music, playing the clarinet in band. We are excited about how Daniel is really starting to show his own personality and share his creative side with us. Tyler Ann wishes she was the first teen, and in many ways is maturing into a beautiful young woman. She is enjoying her first year of junior youth group (along with Daniel and Rachel). It has been a real joy to see her grow into a very gentle and compassionate sister, really nurturing her younger siblings. This year she auditioned for Chancel Choir and is now the youngest in this group. Rachel is also singing in a choir and playing percussion in band. She continues to excel in school, and enjoyed playing on the same soccer team as Daniel this year. This summer she and Tyler enjoyed a trip to Kansas to visit their cousins. While there, she was given the opportunity to be a hero when a four wheeler flipped on her cousin. She responded quickly and was able to get her cousin help. Lydia also enjoyed playing soccer this year, on the same team as Brenden. She even scored her first goal. She and Brenden are excellent team players (on the soccer field). She is taking a music class, as well, with Brenden and Bekah. Most days, I can’t give her enough school work to do, as she often will do a whole weeks worth of lessons in a day. Brenden has taken off on his schooling this year. He is a real reader and enjoying learning new things. He especially has an interest in science of all kinds. Lately, he has a bug collection. He also enjoyed his first year of football. He is a really great big brother and very patient with the little boys. Bekah continues to be full of life. She loves helping with the little brothers, and would rather be a helper than a student. Jeremiah on the other hand, has quite a thirst for knowledge. He often asks the most challenging questions. He enjoyed the presidential campaigns and watched each and every debate. He campaigned for McCain, and now he prays each day for Obama to be a good president. Yes, he is only five. He also, played his first year of soccer. Josh, now three, wanted to play soccer too, but cried at every game that he was cold and hungry. He is a very full of energy and loves his new brother Davey. Often, he introduces Davey to others by saying, “This is my new brother, Davey.” Baby Zach, is also very busy. He loves playing with his big brothers and snuggling with his sisters. We are so excited that God continues to bless each of the kids, and bless us with them. We look forward to a new addition come the first week of February. Of course, we haven’t forgotten Davey. Wow, what a great blessing he is to us.
After a great deal of prayer and thought we moved forward into adoption again. We never could have guessed how God planned to bless us as we stepped out in faith to obey him. We knew that it would be a special child that would fit in with our family. We also knew that we wanted to offer a home to a child that many may think had too many challenges to make a forever commitment to. We were like, any expecting parent, nervous and excited about adding to our family. We knew Davey had many needs and challenges, and we hoped we were ready. We couldn’t have been more surprised at how his foster family had done such amazing work with him. They had truly sacrificed to help him develop and grow. Not only that, they prepared him to join our family. Yes, he is very limited, and we continue to learn how to best care for him, but one thing is certain he is ours and he is home. So, at the very top of our list of people whom we are grateful for this year is Davey’s foster family.
Even though people are at the top of our list, there are many other things we are grateful for. During these tough times in our nation, we are so grateful to know God as our Lord, Savior, Protector, and Provider. We know that he loves and cares for us. We are also so very grateful for the job God has blessed Jeremy with. It is an excellent company to work for, with great people, and excellent benefits. God has been so good to us this year and we are truly full of Thanksgiving this holiday.

Gratefully yours,

Jeremiah 30:19
From them will come songs of thanksgiving and the sound of rejoicing. I will add to their numbers, and they will not be decreased; I will bring them honor, and they will not be disdained.

Friday, December 19, 2008

What I should write about: Daniel

What I should write about. I'm going to write about how many animals My family had. The first animal We had was a dog named Max. He was a Golden Retriever mix. He was My mom's babysitter(ha ha ha ha). Max died because he got to old. Next we got a cat from My Grandma. I don't now what kind it was but it's fur looked like butterscotch. Once he caught a rabbit and he brought it home and My dad had to cacth it in his hat then he had to drop a rock a it's head. Then We got another dog from My Grandma and it was a Basset hound and his name was Boaz. He was stupid and he chewed most of My stuff. Then My mom said We have to give him away. Then We got a cat from someone down the street it had white paws and the rest of it was black. He was Rachel's cat she named it Mittens. Then We had to move to a different house and Mittens hides under the deck. So We never got him back. Then We got another dog from My other Grandma his name was Shooter. Why because any time We played basketball he want to play. I don't know what kind of dog he was. That's it for know because I have to do jobs before My dad comes home. BYE

Christmas recipe by;Rachel

This blog is about Christmas baking. Here is some things you might bake. Chex mix,Hard rock candy,Taffy,Honey pop corn. But I'm going to tell you the recipe to Buckeyes. What you need:two pounds peanut butter,five and one fourth cup powdered sugar,one fourth pound margarine,melted,and one pound of semi sweet chocolate chips. Then mix the first three ingredients together. Next make into one half or three fourth inch balls. Then freeze for one hour or refrigerate for at least twelve hours. Next melt the Chocolate in a microwaveable bowl then dip the balls in the Chocolate covering everything but the top. Then put the buckeyes on wax paper,and store in tight container. Well that's how you make buckeyes. I guess now you know how to make buckeyes bye.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

My Book Tyler

Hello, It`s Tyler. I, Tyler am writing a book. You may think i`m crazy if you do your right I am I like being crazy. but I'm getting off focus. So anyway I thought why not I like to write, read, spell, and think up stories. The book is called Pet Perfect The Beginning. It`s about five kids named Elizabeth Rose, Robert, Little Johnny, Dale, and Sally. Thay have last names too like Rink, Philip, Smith, MC, Nelson, and Joe. The last names and first names are in the same order. So these kids all have different pets like cats, dogs, and pony's. And also four of the kids are Christians. Well that's all I can tell you because that's how far I am. Happy Holidays. Tyler

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Moms B-day by brenden

Hello its Brenden. Today Is my moms B-day. Danny and I gave her some chocolates. Tyler gave her a card that she made. My mom went to the store and got a wii-fit and then told my Dad to give it to her for her B-day. (ha ha). So my Dad is giving the wii-fit to my mom for her B-day. But he is probably getting her something else too.


Hi! its Lydia again, and I want to tell you what I'm thankful for. I'm thankful for: my family, food,nature,animals,and Friends. I'm thankful for a lot of stuff, but, I'm just telling you some. I'm thankful for electronics( PLUS CARS). I'm thankful for a warm house,books,toys,and clothes. I'm thankful for a blog, so I can tell people about stuff. I'm thankful for the earth,time,and activities. Most of all I'm thankful for God. I'm thankful for holidays,games, and changing seasons. I'm thankful for schools,hospitals,and stores. I'm thankful for the sun, the moon, the stars and clouds. I'm thankful for furniture,Peace,and love. I'm thankful to have an age, and a birthday. I'm thankful for warm, cold, and hot. I'm thankful for being smart, and having talent. I HOPE YOU ENJOYED READING THIS BLOG BYE

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


hi! Its Lydia again and I want to tell you about my winter time. We built a snowman,but it was covered in leaves. Last year we made chairs out of snow. I love the winter, because in the winter there's Christmas! Christmas is my favorite holiday. What I love about Christmas, is when my family gets together and celebrates Christmas! Last year we got up really early to have Christmas. We got up at five o'clock. Every Christmas my dad reads the true meaning of Christmas from the Bible. On Christmas eve we get to go to one of my grandmas,then on Christmas day we stay home, and have Christmas! Then two days after Christmas were going to go to my other grandmas. well that's all right now BYE!

Like and Dislike:By Daniel.

This blog is about My like and dislike. First what food I like is taco,chilli,spaghetti some times. Corn dogs, hot dogs,taco salad,cheese burger, Mc chicken wich ,and pizza. What food I dislike is tuna sandwich any thing with onion chunks of tomato. What music I like is country. What music I dislike is rock. What candy I like is any thing with chocolate,toffee. What candy I dislike is nothing. What games I like are Monopoly,Risk,Settlers of catan, and Apples to Apples. What book I like are all The Chronicles of Narnia, Star wars,and the Boxcar children. What books I dislike are any Science and History. What movies I like are Star wars,Lord of the Rings,The Chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. What movies I dislike are any princess movies. What season I like is Summer and Spring. What season I dislike is Winter and Fall. What I like about school is nothing. What fruit I like is Bananas, Oranges, Cherry's, Apples,and pineapples. What fruit I dislike is melon. What wild animals I like are Fox,Tiger,Snow Tiger,Lion,and Wolf. What reindeer I like is dasher. What flower I like is a Sunflower. What tree I like is a Apple tree. What color I like is yellow, blue, green, and gold. Now you know what I like and dislike.

Friday, December 12, 2008

December by;Rachel

This is about what I like about December. I like December because in December it's Christmas time,and I love Christmas. Why? I will tell you why because at Christmas time you give and get things to and from people and I love giving and getting. Also I mostly love Christmas because on Christmas day JESUS was born. Also I love December because of the holiday we don't have much school we probably get more sweets than school. Also I love December because my mom's birthday is in December and if my mom wasn't born I wouldn't be born. Another thing I like about December is my mom and dad's anniversary is the day after Christmas and if they don't have an anniversary that mean's they aren't married and if they weren't married I wouldn't be writing this right now. Well I think that's all about December or at least all I can think of right now. Well now you now why I like December.

More Political thinking KT

Below I have pasted an email I recieved of quotes from Thomas Jefferson. I found these quotes to ring true in my heart and mind. Jeremy and I often enjoy discussing such things as politics, economics, democracy, etc. Neither of us would claim to be the most educated on such matters, but we do like weighing our personal convictions, societies views, and the Biblical stand on the way our Nation and the world lives and has lived since the creation of Adam. We are definately in (for lack of a better word) interesting times in our nation, the world, and in the life of Christianity. Again, I encourage each of my children and anyone who will listen to take time each day to pray for our nation and others. I have been really praying lately tha the Lord would show me my role in these times. I hope it is to be an encourager and I also hope it is to be a good student of his ways.
Well, I hope you find something in the following quotes that challenges your thinking, today. It is always good to be challenged to move beyond ones current position.
God bless you the reader today, and God cover our nation with your love.

Jefferson in some cases could be called a prophet.

When we get piled upon one another in large cities, as in Europe, we shall become as corrupt as Europe. Thomas Jefferson

The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not. Thomas Jefferson

It is incumbent on every generation to pay its own debts as it goes. A principle which if acted on would save one-half the wars of the world. Thomas Jefferson

I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them. Thomas Jefferson

My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government. Thomas Jefferson

No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms. Thomas Jefferson

The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government. Thomas Jefferson

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. Thomas Jefferson

To compel a man to subsidize with his taxes the propagation of ideas which he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical. Thomas Jefferson

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Imaginary Pets by Tyler

If I could have an imaginary pet or a few. I would first get a pentes. If it was a pent-o I would name her Sunny. If I got a pent I would name him Mars. My pentes would eat oak and ceder bark. They also like apples, grapes,and pears. Now after I get pentes I would have a griffin. I would name him Wings he would eat meats and juice bugs. We would not need to worry about gas because Wings could just fly us everywhere. After I get Wings I would get a Merkat and I would name her pinkie. She would eat fish. The boys would like her because she likes to go fish and looks like a big frog\cat. It may look like I`m coping Rachel but it was my idea for us both to WRITE about pets. Tyler

Friday, December 5, 2008

Winter is the Best BY Tyler

Hi, It`s Tyler. Today, I'm going to tell you what I like and dislike about winter. Well, to start I love Christmas because Jesus was born on that day. Besides Christmas their are lot`s of other things I like about winter. Like the snow. I like to watch snowflakes fall and I like to look at them on the window. Snow is great for sledding and building snowmen. Now off the subject of snow. I love hot chocolate and goodies. Even though I love winter it does have some downs, like bad snow, that's good for nothing (slush, ice, hard snow.) I don`t like when I build a snowman or something out of snow and someone breaks it. But for the most part winter is just great. Have a happy winter. Tyler

Winter is here!!!!!!!

I want to tell you want I like and don't like about winter. What I like about winter is sledding making snowman, and snow angels. Another thing I like is Christmas' is in December. I like make a fire in the fireplace when it's cold out. What I don't like about winter is getting wood, shoveling the driveway, and going some where on icy roads. I don't like getting My snow suit on. THATS IT FOR KNOW BYE DANIEL.

Our new things: by Lydia

Hi! it's Lydia again, and I want to tell you about our new things. We got a new kitten! It's a boy, his name is buddy. The other kittens don't really like the new kitten. Sometimes my mom lets us let the cat's in. But' they usually stay outside.
The other thing I want to tell you about is the new wii!, it's really fun!, we love to play on it. It has five games with it:Baseball, Tennis,Bowling,Boxing, and Golf. It looked really big in the box, but it really wasn't really big. Their are other kinds of wii's, but we only have the one with the remote. Our cat, buddy was from my grandma Lisa's neighbor. They had six of them and could not feed them. We only could take the one that kept on coming to us. Our grandma has one to! WELL THAT'S ALL for RIGHT NOW BYE!