Friday, November 21, 2008

BRACES! Daniel

I'm getting braces.

WHEN: January 12 2009

WHERE: Lansing Mi.

WHO:DR. John. B. Faust.

WHY:My teeth are very crooked.

HOW DO I FEEL:excited,scared,worried,and sad.

WHY DO I FEEL EXCITED: Because I get to show everybody my braces.

WHY DO I FEEL SCARED: Because what if the braces fall off and I have to get them back in.

WHY DO I FEEL WORRIED:Because what if they put the braces in the wrong place.

WHY DO I FEEL SAD: Because I want to get them earlier.


1 comment:

  1. Danny-That is great you are getting braces to fix your already GREAT smile! Soon it will be the best smile ever!!! No need to worry- I had them once...They will do a great job!!!