Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Camp Barakel by Tyler

Hi, This week Rachel and I went to Camp Barakel. It was a lot of fun. While I was at Barakel a lot of people sent me letters so instead of writing a whole lot of letters saying pretty much the same thing over and over again, I decided to put all the answers to your questions in this blog. The food there was great. I was put in the red tribe with Rachel, Nikki Yabs, and Rebeca Schafer (I`m not sure if I spelled her last name right but oh well). We named are tribe the red hot Cheetos and are mascot was a tree in front of are cabin. we named him chili. My counselors name was Danae Andrews. I liked her she was fun. There was five bunks in are cabin so each person in our cabin got a whole bunk to ourself. Every one slept on the bottom part of their bunk. Our whole tribe could go on the zip line at one time. the first time we went on the zip line it was a Little bit scary but the second time was not scary at all. God really showed me that I need to bring glory to him in whatever I do and that I need to listen and obey Him. My favorite part about camp is you get to learn about God in a fun way. I did go swimming but only to take the deep water test so that I could go boating. the water was to cold to go swimming. Even though other kids went swimming. I think their crazy. I loved camp. I think I answered all your questions if not you can ask them later. Now about Barakel it truly is a blessed place I know God is every where but at Barakel you can really feel Him there it`s amazing. At camp I bought a lot of stuff at the trading post like a Barakel shirt, Barakel pen, a Suzie (It`s really called a stress ball but I call it a Suzie.) two rings, two Popsicles, some candy, and I also gave some money to the mission. So I hope that answers all your Questions. Barakel is so much fun so if you want to go to a really fun camp where you can learn about God go to Barakel. Here is there web site if you want to find out more or if you want to look at pictures of us at Barakel http://www.campbarakel.org/ (I was on the east side.) Tyler