Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mom's wagon by;Rachel

My mom bought a wagon last week. She said it was not a play wagon. She said it was for working,but one day my mom said you can play with the wagon. She said, "you have to take care of it". So we got the wagon out and we made a leaf pile and the wagon helped us make the leaf pile. We filled it with leaves and dumped it in the pile. We have been playing with the wagon all week. We hook up other wagons and sleds to the wagon. We take them up the hill and then went down siting in it trying to stear,or we just pull people up and down the hill. We take turns in it by ourselves and together,but we make sure there is enough weight in the front and back so it doesn't tip over. Also,we are careful when we are stearing because we don't want to CRASH. Now you know about the wagon my mom bought last week.

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