Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas recipe by;Rachel

This blog is about Christmas baking. Here is some things you might bake. Chex mix,Hard rock candy,Taffy,Honey pop corn. But I'm going to tell you the recipe to Buckeyes. What you need:two pounds peanut butter,five and one fourth cup powdered sugar,one fourth pound margarine,melted,and one pound of semi sweet chocolate chips. Then mix the first three ingredients together. Next make into one half or three fourth inch balls. Then freeze for one hour or refrigerate for at least twelve hours. Next melt the Chocolate in a microwaveable bowl then dip the balls in the Chocolate covering everything but the top. Then put the buckeyes on wax paper,and store in tight container. Well that's how you make buckeyes. I guess now you know how to make buckeyes bye.

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