Friday, September 26, 2008

thoughts from Miah (age 5)

I miss Andre, my dog.

He played fetch with me.

I am sad we had to give him back to my Aunt.

I liked sleeping with him.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Names By Tyler

The names in my familly all have a name from the Bible, some of us even have two. The first names in my familly from oldest to youngest are Katherine (mom), Jeremy(dad),Daniel, Tyler (me), Rachel, Lydia, Brenden (Bubba), Rebekah (Bekah), Jeremiah (Miah), Joshua (Josh), Zachery (Zach), and Robert (Davey) our newest brother. The middle names again from oldest to youngest, are Eileen, Scott, Tiger, Ann (me), Elizabeth, Lucinda, Joseph, Joy, John, James, Caleb, and David. Now we all share are last name Hirn. Hirn means brain. Well now you know all the names of my family. Bye

Monday, September 22, 2008


Hi I what to tell you about our cats. We got a black cat from Tyler's friend, its Joshua cat and Josh name her Spooky. She was a little kitten when we got her. She loves to go hunting. She caught two birds and a chipmunk!?. And My Grandma had three cats that all together had nineteen kitten's. My Grandpa said all his grandchildren could have one. But My mom said we would have two kitten's. My mom wanted to get Spooky fixed, so she called the human society. But, they didn't have any openings for females. So she scheduled to get the boys fixed. And she asked to get four fixed. When we went to my Grandmas, her kids said one cat died and three kittens died but not on the some day. So we took four kittens home. One is black with a white chest, one has white legs and chest and black and brown stripes. Another has white legs and neck and black and brown stripes and a little gold color on his faces, and the last one is my favorite it has black and brown stripes all over it. I forgot Spooky has a white tip on her tail. She brought her boy friend to our house, and it looks like the last kitten I told you about but bigger.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Room by Tyler

I would like to paint my room. My room is pink right now, but I would like it to be black with glow in the dark green. I do not know how much money paint is going to cost. I know it costs a lot of money. I hope I have enough money for some plain green paint at least, But I do not know if I do. After my room is painted I will put pictures of dogs and pentes all over my walls. I will also like to buy a shelf that hangs on the wall for my stuff. So that I won`t need my cubbies any more and so i`ll have more space in my room. the stuff that doesn`t fit on the shelf I will put in a basket. I think I will ask Bekah to trade bedding with me, and I may get my toy dog Puppy out of my hope chest and set him on my bed with my webkinz Tiny Snowflake and my beany baby Twigs. My room is very small , but I like it better then any other room I have ever had.I don`t really like big rooms. Well I think I covered everything. BYE

My summer in Kansas

Hey it's me Rachel. I wanted to tell you about my summer in Kansas. I went with my sister Tyler. We drove there with my aunt and cousins. We stayed at their house for almost a month. They live in the middle of nowhere, so everything was far away from them. Even their mail box,it was a mile away. They have a farm. So, here are all the animals they own two horses,four calves,five pigs,one steer,four mommy cats,and about 26 baby cats. They also have wild cats everywhere. But they gave most of their cats away,but I think their cats are pregnant again. Oh! They had goats, but when we left they gave them away. Oh! They have four wheelers,and one time my cousin fell off her's and it flipped over on her. I got off my four wheeler pushed her four wheeler off her and got help. Also my aunt Becky signed us up for swimming lessons. But one time I got sick on the way back in the bus,and I threw up on the bus. But I felt better after that. One more thing one time Tyler,my cousin, and I were riding the four wheelers,and we were going to the bales of hay. It was very muddy,and Tyler drove her four wheeler right into the mud and got stuck there. So,we had to get her out it was kind of fun. Well that's all for today.

Monday, September 15, 2008

New thing's by:Lydia

Hi! its Lydia agian and I want to tell the new thing's in my life. We got new cat's. we got two new cat's. we brought home four, and we are going to get two fixed and give them away. Miah's cat is named tiger,. and Rachel's cat named wolverine,. and Josh's cat is named bat man,. and brenden's cat is named constance,. We have a cat. she is a girl. The other cat's are boy's. Spooky is the girl cat. she isn't really getting along with the other cat's. We also have a new brother. his name is Davey. He is five. he does not know when he is hungry or hurt. plus, my mom is going to have a boy too! that would make eleven kid's. we just started:music, soccer, and science. I really like music. I really like the cat's, and my new brother. I also love soccer. well that's all I want to tell you about right now BYE!