Thursday, December 11, 2008

Imaginary Pets by Tyler

If I could have an imaginary pet or a few. I would first get a pentes. If it was a pent-o I would name her Sunny. If I got a pent I would name him Mars. My pentes would eat oak and ceder bark. They also like apples, grapes,and pears. Now after I get pentes I would have a griffin. I would name him Wings he would eat meats and juice bugs. We would not need to worry about gas because Wings could just fly us everywhere. After I get Wings I would get a Merkat and I would name her pinkie. She would eat fish. The boys would like her because she likes to go fish and looks like a big frog\cat. It may look like I`m coping Rachel but it was my idea for us both to WRITE about pets. Tyler

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