Monday, September 22, 2008


Hi I what to tell you about our cats. We got a black cat from Tyler's friend, its Joshua cat and Josh name her Spooky. She was a little kitten when we got her. She loves to go hunting. She caught two birds and a chipmunk!?. And My Grandma had three cats that all together had nineteen kitten's. My Grandpa said all his grandchildren could have one. But My mom said we would have two kitten's. My mom wanted to get Spooky fixed, so she called the human society. But, they didn't have any openings for females. So she scheduled to get the boys fixed. And she asked to get four fixed. When we went to my Grandmas, her kids said one cat died and three kittens died but not on the some day. So we took four kittens home. One is black with a white chest, one has white legs and chest and black and brown stripes. Another has white legs and neck and black and brown stripes and a little gold color on his faces, and the last one is my favorite it has black and brown stripes all over it. I forgot Spooky has a white tip on her tail. She brought her boy friend to our house, and it looks like the last kitten I told you about but bigger.

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