Friday, November 7, 2008

My Favorites By Tyler

Today I`m going to tell you my favorites. Now lets start with my favorite books. My favorite books are the Jack Sparrow series specifically, "The Age of Bronze,"book #5, "Silver, book #6, and "The coming storm," book#1. I also like the Mandie series but I`ve only read 5 Mandie books and I liked them all. I like Narnia books and I like the Hobbit, which I just finished not long ago. Oh, and I also like The Baby Sitters Club series. My favorite story books are "Mama, do you Love Me" by Barbara M. Josee, Arthur books by Marc Brown, and "Mary and Martha" by Marty Rhodes Finley. My favorite c.d.s are "Mercy Me," "The Cheetah Girls," "Skillet," "Taylor Swift," and lots more. My favorite stuffed animals are my Puppy who is nose less and 77 year old dog, in dog years that is (11 in people years) and Tiny Snowflake my Webkinz. My favorite stickers are a unicorn and a elephant. Last, but not lest, my favorite creature is a Pente. So those are some of my favorite things. Tyler

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