Friday, July 25, 2008

Blessed with Friend's (KAtie)

Life is funny. I am so amazed at how it goes. Today, I am feeling so blessed by God's goodness to me. I marvel at his timing. I have been fighting the blues lately. Nothing too serious, but sort of, feeling discouraged and under attack at times. It is funny how Satan takes these times to remind me of my fears and insecurities. Like a lot of people, one of my thoughts when depressed is that I am alone. You know, the line, "no one understands me," "I am too different," and "no one cares about me." Of course, I know that these are lies, and that I am never alone as a member of God's family. Yes, I know he never leaves me. But, all the same I start believing that I can't trust others, and that I don't have any true friends. I am sure I am not alone in these times in life. Anyway, as I have been listening to these lies from Satan, God has been at work to remind me that they truly are lies. In the last week I have had more friend's seek me out and spend time with me in one way or another, then I have in a long time. I would like to write these things down to look back and remind myself next time I feel alone how good God is in providing me with long lasting friendships. This past week I was able to met with my friend Ginger. This is truly a friendship founded in Christ. Ginger and I have known each other since we were toddlers. The amazing thing about our frinedship is that even though I moved from our neighborhood at the age of six across the country from Michigan to Arizona, we remained friends through mail. We wrote letter's to each other often and visited whenever we got a chance. Still to this day, even when we haven't spoken to each other for months or even years, when we get together it is always like getting with a dear special friend. So, it was so nice to visit with her and her family this past week.
God is always doing the craziest things, because this past week I also heard from two dear friend's. Julie and Shannon, moved from Lansing to Cincinnati a few years ago, yet are so special to me. We shared some tough times together in our walk of Faith, and God has created a special bond. Time will fly by and it will seem like i haven't talked to either of them in years, but just like with Ginger as soon as I hear their voice, it is like we never stopped the last conversation. I think that one of the greatest things about these relationships is we can share honestly about our lives and our Christian walk. I walk away from a visit with these friends knowing that they care for me, and hoping that they know I care for them. I have so many other relationships that GOd has blessed me with, of course, my husband, who I grow closer to everyday, my two sister's and my mom, are the best of friends. My church family, is amazing, there are sister's in my church that the Lord uses over and over to show me his love. I am so grateful for them. There are two friend's that have suffered through some really rough times these last years, and I am so grateful God has allowed me to be there for them. He has allowed me to see his mighty hand at work in their lives. I will not name them, but they know who they are. I am so grateful they call me friend and I pray I can always be that to them. This past weekend we spent some time with Jeremy's family, and I always feel so loved by his grandparents, and I again felt blessed by their presence. Isn't it amazing that some of the best blessings are just the presence of someone being there, nothing more.
Well, there are so many other people who have encouraged me these last few weeks, I don't feel comfortably naming them without there permission, but I am so grateful that God doesn't leave me, and he also provides me with others who lavish his love onto me. Well, I would like ot meantion one other frined bewfore I end, and that is my neighbor, Lisa. She is truly an answer to pray for me. I prayed when I moved to this neighborhood for one good neighbor. (I really just meant someone who wouldn't complain about all my kids.) God granted me so much more than a good neighbor, he blessed me with one of the best friend's I could ever have.
Well, as I wirte these blessings of friendships down, in hopes of encouraging myself, I continue to struggle. Isn't that funny. But, I will hold close to the Lord and pray that this discouraging time will pass and become a time of celebration.

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