Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Room by Tyler

I would like to paint my room. My room is pink right now, but I would like it to be black with glow in the dark green. I do not know how much money paint is going to cost. I know it costs a lot of money. I hope I have enough money for some plain green paint at least, But I do not know if I do. After my room is painted I will put pictures of dogs and pentes all over my walls. I will also like to buy a shelf that hangs on the wall for my stuff. So that I won`t need my cubbies any more and so i`ll have more space in my room. the stuff that doesn`t fit on the shelf I will put in a basket. I think I will ask Bekah to trade bedding with me, and I may get my toy dog Puppy out of my hope chest and set him on my bed with my webkinz Tiny Snowflake and my beany baby Twigs. My room is very small , but I like it better then any other room I have ever had.I don`t really like big rooms. Well I think I covered everything. BYE

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