Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The cat story

Hi it`s Tyler you might have thought I was Lydia because of the name of this entry. (Lydia writes all the story's.) Today I`m going to tell you about a story I`m not going to write the whole story because I`ve already wrote it three times one time for school then another time also for school (I had to fix my grammar and check my spelling.) the last time I wrote it was just for fun. I did not make up the story all by myself the other kids in my family help but it was my idea. Well the cat story is about a cat king named wolverine, the brave knight and prince Buddy, (the king adopted him, he used to be a poor thief. But now he will one day be king after wolverine dies in a Battle with a dragon.) Constance the war general and best Friend of the king wolverine (he becomes king buddy`s right four paw cat.) Sissy the palace cook and wife of cocky the brave, (cocky was a brave knight he died in a battle.) Spooky the wife of king wolverine she ran away because she loved a cat named Grey, and last but not lest Bella she was a maid for the king until Buddy married her.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Easter By;Rachel

Today I'm going to tell you about my Easter. Last Easter we all got brand new bikes and a water slide,but this Easter we got basketballs and a basketball hoop. last year they tricked us by saying the bikes were my grandma's kids and when Easter came they said the big box that the water slide was in they said it was my mom's until she opened it we new it was the kids. This year mom said we weren't getting Easter presents and when we woke up on Easter moring there were basket balls and a kickball in the living room and mom said to go get ready and I said that I would go put the basket balls outside and then I saw the hoop. That's the story Miah got a basketball,Josh got a kickball a transformers kickball,Davey,and Zach got mini basketballs,and me,Tyler,Daniel,Lydia,Brenden,and Bekah all share a basketball ours is size 300,and Miah's is size 310. Well now you know about our Easter.

Friday, April 10, 2009

something everyday poem by;Rachel

Everyday you play something
everyday you say something.
Everyday you eat something.
Everyday you see someone.
Everyday you see something.
Everyday you want something like a toy, or a book, or a car, or a dollar, or chocolate or a friend, or a bracelet
BUT everyday you want something very special
and that is a hug
because a hug is a sign of love and everybody needs love
Rachel Hirn

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


This blog is about Zach and Jeremiah so here it is.

First is Zach but his real name is (Zachery Caleb Hirn), he is the second little's bother,he is one. Zach likes dogs,cats,etc,he likes to play soccer and baseball. Zach likes to copy Davey, he likes to make messes and likes to pick them up too. He sleeps with me almost ever night, he likes to go out in his shirt and diaper. Zach screams when Josh and Davey do, he does not like pasta sauce. Zach's birhtday is May 10. He likes candy,candy,candy,etc. he likes to play with cell phones. Zach likes to play rock band but we don't put him in. So that's all about Zach.

Next is Miah his real name is (Jeremiah John Hirn) he is (5) Miah is the 3 rd oldest boy. He likes to play star wars with me he also likes to watch star wars. He likes to play drums on rock band, he plays Polly pocket with Lydia, Rebekah,and Brenden. He likes to play with the cats,his favorite wii game is Lego star wars (mom does not like it when he plays it every day). So that's all about Jeremiah. BYE

Monday, April 6, 2009

What is it By;Rachel

This blog is like my blog called guess what animal. So the first clue to this is it's a mammal and it's diet is an omnivore. It's average life span in the wild 25 years. The size this animal is 5 to 8 feet(1.5 to 2.5 m.). The weight this animal weighs is 800 pounds (363 kg.). This animal is threatened for extinction. This animal hibernates. This animal eats plants,as well as insects and other animals. This animal walks for hours looking for food. Forbes,roots,tubers,grasses,berries and other vegetation,and insects comprises most of it's diet. This animals diet can also include small rodents,fish,carrion and even garbage and human food if it's avalible. Now if you guessed a gray wolf your wrong. For real if you guessed a grizzly bear your correct. If you gussed something besides a grizzly bear your wrong.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


This is a report that I'm writing to my grandma because she has a Bloodhound, and she whats to know about them so I'm going to tell about. The Bloodhounds is a big dog with a mind of there own. As some stands at 26(in) at withers and can weight 121 (lbs) ,they are heavy. They also are clumsy, with a tendency to pursue they path regardless of obstacles such as ditches, walls and fences. Once on collars and lead, they may choose to take his own handler on without great regard to physical or vocal opposition the bloodhounds. Most people will be familiar with the breed's appearance; the bloodhounds has a super-abundant quantity of skin over hanging they eye's, and this is often accompanied by sagging lower eye lids. There ears hang low on there skull in pendulous folds, and these are said to sweep scents from the ground into there large nostrils and over there highly efficient olfactory mechanism. There large body is supported over by massive bones, but the bloodhound has suffered over the generations from hip-joints that cannot always take the strain of conveying there head down on the scent. Bloodhounds eat massively and greedily. As with other breeds that have deep chest and wide bellies, the bloodhounds suffers from more than there share of condition called bloat in which the gases in the stomach tend to be produced in great quantities. For various anatomical reason these cannot be belched in the normal fashion and may lead to torsion of the stomach, which is rapidly fatal unless veterinary intervention is prompt. The general advice is to feed small quantities several times a day and not to take a bloodhounds out for exercise on a full stomach. It is wise to ask a breeder offing puppies for sale about the incidence of bloat in the ancestry of sire dam bloodhounds, like most giant breed's, tend not to live to a ripe old age. Most bloodhounds are dignified and affect iota, but this is not a breed with which to take liberties as they can take exception to undue familiarity. Pro-perry handled by those who are prepared to understand them, they are a fascinating breed to live with.


The biggest pumpkin ever!! : by Lydia

Once upon a time there was a boy and his father, who owned a farm. The boys name was James. He and his family owned a cow,two horses, four pigs, and a calf. They had lots of Friuts and Vegetables. once there was a contest. Who-ever had the biggest! pumpkin will win six pieces of gold and a medal. On Saturday, they went to the contest. They had been growing a pumpkin for a long time. There were lots and lots of big pumpkins,but none as big as James'. James' had the fattest, the heaviest, and the tallest. He got the gold and medal, and they lived happily ever afterTHE END!!!!!