Monday, September 15, 2008

New thing's by:Lydia

Hi! its Lydia agian and I want to tell the new thing's in my life. We got new cat's. we got two new cat's. we brought home four, and we are going to get two fixed and give them away. Miah's cat is named tiger,. and Rachel's cat named wolverine,. and Josh's cat is named bat man,. and brenden's cat is named constance,. We have a cat. she is a girl. The other cat's are boy's. Spooky is the girl cat. she isn't really getting along with the other cat's. We also have a new brother. his name is Davey. He is five. he does not know when he is hungry or hurt. plus, my mom is going to have a boy too! that would make eleven kid's. we just started:music, soccer, and science. I really like music. I really like the cat's, and my new brother. I also love soccer. well that's all I want to tell you about right now BYE!

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