Thursday, February 19, 2009

guess what animal by;Rachel

Today I'm going to tell you about an animal and you have to guess what animal it is. OK here is the first clue. It's a mammal,and it's diet is omnivore. It's average life span in the wild is 2-4 years. The size this animal is from head to body is 18-33.75 inches,and it has a tail that is 12 to 21.75 inches. This animal weighs 6.5 to 24 pounds. This animal lives in many different places of the world, like forests, grasslands, mountains, and deserts. This animal also adapts well to human environments such as farms, suburban areas, and even large community's. This animal is known for it's cleverness, and adaptability. This animal eats rodents, rabbits, birds, and other small game,but their diet can also be as flexible as their home habitat. Also this animal will eat fruit and vegetables,fish frogs,and even worms. This animals thick tail aids it's balance, but it has some other uses. This animal uses it's tail as a warm cover in cold weather. OK now if you guessed a red fox are correct. It's a red fox you know red foxes pretty well. so congratulation's to those who guessed right. Well now you all know about red foxes. Oh and did I mention Lydia's favorite animal is a red fox.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Baby Stephen

Hi! it's Lydia again, I want to tell you about my new brother Stephen. He is very cute and fussy. He eats lot. He sleeps a lot too. On Thursday the fifth, Stephen was born. On Friday, we went to see him at the hospital. Some of us got to hold him. On Saturday we went to my grandmas, so she could baby sit us while my dad went to pick up my mom and Stephen. We didn't go to church on Sunday because we wanted Stephen to get use to being in a big loud house. Stephen got a cute blue hat from the hospital, it has red and yellow spots on it. He has gray eyes, and black hair,and red skin. That's my new brother.

Our new game and brother by:Rachel

This is about our new Wii game and brother. First I'll tell you about our new wii game. It's rock band two. It's better than rock band one because you can hear the insterments better,and you can go to differrent places if you unlock them. There's places like Boston, and a lot more. Also,on rock band two you get to make as many people as you want you get to name them and buy clothes for them,and name your band. you get money and fans for the songs you play. Now onto our new brother. My mom had our brother on Thursday the 5th of February. His name is Stephen Micheal Hirn, butwe call him pillow because that's what Josh wanted to name him. Stephen cries a lot. I don't remember Zach crying this much. Well,now you know about our new game and our new brother.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Baby Pillow Tyler

Hello, Guess what, My mom just had her baby a week ago ( I had planed to write this entry earlier but I um, didn't.) The baby is a boy, his name is Stephen, but we call him Baby Pillow ( I will tell you about that later.) Any way Baby Pillow was born on the 5th at five o clock just as Rachel and I left to go to a choir practic,e my dad called to say Pillow had been born. I know he was born at five o clock because Daniel called us at my choir practice to tell us, and strangely I think my choir teacher was more excited then I was . Pillow is a big baby he weights a good 9 pounds. My mom says he looks like me when I was a baby. Now I`ll tell you about the nick name Pillow. OK, when my parents told us my mom was pregnant, they asked us what we should name him, and Josh joking said we should name him pillow and the name stuck. So now you know about baby pillow. Tyler

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The amazing car racer : by Lydia

Once Upon a time there was a girl, only twelve years old. She dreamed everyday, that one day she will be a car racer. She was the oldest kid in her family, she had to help with the little kids all the time. So she never had time to play. But when grew up she started to practice racing, in a race. She liked racing, so she decided to go in a real race. She won lots! and lots! of races, then she was now the champion. She and her family moved all they could, to get to the races. She finally done all the races she could, that was in her country. She loved racing, and it was a dream came true! and she loved it. All the people were amazed and they loved her! The End