Friday, December 5, 2008

Our new things: by Lydia

Hi! it's Lydia again, and I want to tell you about our new things. We got a new kitten! It's a boy, his name is buddy. The other kittens don't really like the new kitten. Sometimes my mom lets us let the cat's in. But' they usually stay outside.
The other thing I want to tell you about is the new wii!, it's really fun!, we love to play on it. It has five games with it:Baseball, Tennis,Bowling,Boxing, and Golf. It looked really big in the box, but it really wasn't really big. Their are other kinds of wii's, but we only have the one with the remote. Our cat, buddy was from my grandma Lisa's neighbor. They had six of them and could not feed them. We only could take the one that kept on coming to us. Our grandma has one to! WELL THAT'S ALL for RIGHT NOW BYE!

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  1. Lydia--I bet Buddy is really happy to have someone like you to take good care of him! Pets are alot of responsibilities and its great that you can take care of him!