Friday, January 30, 2009

WHAT I LIKE ABOUT "Little House On The Prairie":Daniel

I have been reading about Laura Ingalls Wilder, and how her family lived. So, I want to tell you some stuff about them. First the five people in the family are Charles/pa, Caroline/ma, Mary the oldest sister, Laura the second oldest, Carrie the baby, and they had a bull dog name Jack. The first book is called "Little House In The Big woods," and they live in Wisconsin. Pa goes hunting every day he gets deer,bear,and sometimes panthers. Pa loves to play the fiddle. When pa cuts the meat some of the bad meat he puts in a rag and let's Mary and Laura toss it a round. Then they want to move to Indian country in Kansas. The second book is called "Little House On The Prairie." They had to cross a big river and one river Jack was not in the wagon. So he flowed with the water and when they got to the end they looked for him but did not find him. Then they got to were they want to go. They had to sleep outside for a couple days and they heard wolves, then Laura saw green eyes move. She told pa and he got his gun and went close to it. Then the animal looked like it was going to pounce on them. But when pa got closer he saw it was Jack. Then they had the house built. Pa had to go to town and it was four days, and Indians come and took stuff. Then the government said they had to move. I also read the third book but I can't tell you about it right know bye

Friday, January 23, 2009


I want to tell you what I do for school. I do 30 min on the wii fit. It tells me how much I weight and you can do yoga, strength training, and you can do running. I also do science, I'm reading about insect. Next I do 2 hours of reading. The book I'm reading right now is"Little House On The Prairie". Math is next I'm not that good at that. In Soc.St I am reading about The United States and Canada. I like it a little. Penmanship I like a lot, but my hand hurts when I'm done. I like reading "Little House On The Prairie" because I like reading about Laura Ingalls and what they did in there Life. Then I write about what I learned in school. I practice my clarinet for one hour. I do a blog every week. I also have to make a schedule. WELL THAT'S ALL FOR NOW BYE.

The Famous chocolate bar by:Lydia

Once upon a time, their was a girl. She loved chocolate. She said " when I grow up I'm going to make the yummiest chocolate bar ever!" Her brothers and sisters were like yeah right. She began as a teenager. She tried making a nut bar,but it didn't end up right. But with chocolate she began to make a chocolate bar, it turned out just right. Soon she had a shop, with a bunch and a bunch of chocolate. Usually people come in the afternoon. Soon she was on T.V., and her family was so proud of her. Soon she was very very famous, they called her the famous chocolate woman. All just because of the famous chocolate bar The End

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Our Wii games

This blog is about our Wii games that we have for our Wii. You probably already know about some of our wii games,but you don't know about all of them. So,our first Wii game I will tell you about is the Wii fit. It's my mom's. It comes with a balance board and helps you get exercise. The next Wii game I'll tell you about is Rock band one,and we have a microphone,a set of drums,and two guitars. This game is my dad's,Tyler's,Daniel's,and mine. The next game I'll tell you about is Lego star wars. It's Jeremiah's,Daniel's,and Brenden's. The boy's love it. But my mom gets kind of tired of it. The next game is Wii sports ,and it's every one's and it comes with the Wii. It has bowling,tennis,boxing,golf,and baseball on it. Then Wii play,it's a game that's every one's. You can keep your records on it and you get medal's on it for the games you play, unless your score isn't high enough to get a medal. The next game is High school musical dance. It's also every one's and it is a game you dance on. You pick the person you want to be, then you pick the song you want to do, then you do what it says to do. We also have cranium kabookii. It's a family game and it is every one's. Last but not least is Rapala Tournament fishing,and it's Brenden's game. You get to go fishing and buy boat's. Well,that's all the Wii game's we have for now.

Friday, January 16, 2009


I got Braces 1/14/09 and it hurts when I use my teeth when I eat. I want
to tell you what I can't eat. Toffee, nuts, caramels bagels, pizza crust,caramel apples,ice,apples(unless cut) pop, pie, cake,Doritos, and jerky. I can't have candies like, Now and Laters,sugar daddies and baby's, Tootsie rolls, Star burst, licorices, and gummy bears or hard candy. I have to have braces for two years. I have to brush after ever time I eat. I have to floss different than before.
I want to tell you a story. I brought a school book to the Orthodontics and a layed it on a chair. Then a lady asked me if she could quiz anybody that walk in with my book. So one person, that she wanted to quiz, did not come back so she called her on the phone, and told her to come back. Then she wanted to call Dr. Faust, the orthodontist who wasn't in the office. She asked him the question and he got them all right. THE END. BYE.

Tylers bunnie Tom is gone

Hi it's Lydia again and I want to tell you about Tyler's Bunny. Tom was just fine, but then he got skinny and skinny , and he wouldn't eat or drink, so he died. Now Bob and Bugsie are inside, since its so cold. We have them in the basement now. Snowball and Tom died, and Bugsie and Bob are left. Bob and Bugsie now share a Cage. Snowball died a long time ago, Tom died not to long ago. Bugsie and Bob are in a not so big cage, in the basement. I can't wait till spring so they can go out.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

School Tyler

Hi, How are you doing in school? I`m doing great I get to read all these cool books like Robin Hood, Little women, Little men,Charlotte's web, and lots more. I`m doing good in soc. st. and science my favorite subjects. Math and Bible is going a little slow but we're getting their. I told you my favorite subject, now i`ll tell you my lest favorite subject. I hate math. My Aunt Millie (she is 13 so we just call her Millie) , Rachel, and my friend Joseph love math. In fact Millie helped me with my math just the other day. She`s a grade above me, so some times she would accident tell me the answer. I think I`ll ask her for help more often. I hope your school is going as good as mine. TYLER

The Shack (Katie)

OK, so you may have heard about this book, "The Shack." But, I want to take a minute and recommend reading it. It is a very good book, that is well written. It will challenge your theological views and stretch your faith. I can't say that I agree with every view the writer incorporates in this allegory, but I can say it definitely made me think, and re-visit my own preconceived ideas of who God is. If you have read it or do read it, I would love to hear your thoughts. Here is a link to more info on it.
Oh, and just a reminder this book is fiction, so don't get to carried away.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What I got for Christmas By;Rachel

This is about what I got for Christmas. Well I probably won't tell you everything I got for Christmas,because I got a lot of stuff,I got from my parents ROCK BAND 1 for our Wii. It's mine,Tyler's,Daniel's,and my dad's. my dad also got a guitar separate from it. so now we have two guitars,one drum,and one microphone. Which is all you can get only four players. I also got a webkinz from my parents. Then I got a gun that shoots water gel from my grandma Linton. I got a burp master from my grandpa Linton. From my aunt Becky,I got a watch. Then from my grandma Lisa,I got a pottery wheel,and a car that goes on the wall and ceiling. Then from my grandma Wenger all the kids in our family got Yahtzee. Also from my aunt Prayer,and uncle Tyler we got a charger for our wii remotes. That is some of the stuff I got for Christmas. Well see ya!

Friday, January 9, 2009


I had the best Christmas, and I want to tell you what I got. I got a sun kissed gift. It tells what the temperature is. I got it for My grandma. Next, I got a webkinz. It is a ST. Bernard and his name is Darth Maul. I got an alarm clock, and a pair of shoes and I got them from my mom and dad. Next, I got a CD from My grandma and the CD is called "Now That's What I Call Country". I got another CD it is called "High School Music 3 Senior year". Next, I got cube world, a personal bank, and a science book. Next, I got a picture frame, a little radio, and clothes. That's what I got for Christmas.

Now, I want to tell you a little story that's true. My family was on our way to Indiana, to go to our grandma's for Christmas. It was the day after Christmas, and the roads were icey. We stopped at a gas station. My mom and dad said We had to go back home, because it was to icey. Then mom said let's go to Mc Donald's,and We did. We went there to wait for the salt trucks. Then after they come by We did not have to go home. We got to Indiana. But, it took forever because, someone was driving so slow. We finally got to My grandma's, and it took six hours to get there. It usually only takes about two hours. So that's My Christmas.

Spring thoughts by:Lydia

Hi! its Lydia again, and I want to share my "spring thoughts." I like spring, because its warm, and I like to go bare foot. I like that the days are longer. I like to take bike rides with my family. I like to play outside on a warm day. I like when the sky is pink. we see the pink sky when we ride our bikes out back. Sometimes when it is really really hot we go to our grandma's, if her pool is clean. Spring and summer are my two favorite seasons. I hope you enjoyed my spring thoughts a lot.

My New Room Tyler

Well, lets see where do I start. You know I make up stories, creatures, and lands. You know all my pets and families names. You know about my small bed room. uh ha! I now something you do not know. I am getting a new bed room. It's still in the basement with the other girls rooms. Why didn't I get this room before you may ask. Well, its like this the room I'm going to get is the basement kitchen right now, but we are going to re-make it by riping out the cabinets, stove, and other stuff that does not go in a bed room. Then taking out the stuff that does not go in there like toys, a table, and tooth brushes, (The basement bathrooms sink is broken but my Dad will fix it when we do my room.) Well, that's what is going on with my bed room. It`s going to be nice to have a bigger room, and it keeps my mind off of my rabbit, Tom how died the day after Christmas. But I will not ruin this entry with my sadness. I am happy to be getting a new room and that is what this entry was for to tell you of my joy in getting a new room. That is all for now. Tyler