Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Pick a pet by Rachel

If I could pick any animal in the world to be my pet, even if it was an imaginary animal. I would pick a griffin. Why? I will tell you why. First, I will tell you what a griffin is. A griffin is a made up animal of a lion and bird together. Now i will tell you why I want one. Of course, I will train the griffin to be nice.Then I would ride on the griffin then we won't have to use the car because the griffin will take us everywhere. Also we could make a business where we give griffin rides for money. I would probable get a girl griffin and later on I would get a boy griffin. I would name my girl griffin Sally and if I got a boy I would name him Steven and call him Steve. I would probable want to get them when they were babies because they would be really cute,and easier to train. We would have a lot of fun just me my griffins and probable my family to. Well now you know what animal I would get if I could get any animal I wanted even if it were fake and you know why.

1 comment:

  1. Rachel--If you ever come across a Griffin let me know cause I want one too!!