Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Lydia`s Favorites things

Hi! its Lydia again! I want to talk about my favorites.
My favorite thing to do in the summer is swimming,
and my favorite thing to do in the winter is sledding.
one other thing, i like to do is to play outside.
my favorite thing to do at home is: playing with my toys, and my sisters.
my favorite places i like to go out of the house are: the zoo, the store, and the park.
my other favorite thing i like to do at my house are: playing in my room, coloring, and singing. my favorite thing about myself is i have a good imagination.
i LIKE THAT i have black hair black eyes and brown skin.
my favorite animal is a fox.
my favorite color is purple.
my favorite food are french fries.
my favorite toy is my webkinz.
my favorite thing to do when i`m Bord are singing and thinking about stuff.
my second favorite toy are these care bears fun shine bear and best friend bear. they have magnets on their hands they put them together and sing three songs.
my favorite shape is a circle
well I got to go bye!

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