Thursday, March 13, 2014

A new website

I have a new website.  My future blogs will be found there.  I will also be reworking and posting some of these old posts over there.  Thanks for reading.  NEW WEBSITE

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Eating Right on a Budget

I decided to share our current menu with our readers. We recently changed our diet up. We have several allergy issues, and we also strive to adhere to a Levitical diet. This, along with a desire to boost our metabolism has created an interesting diet for our family. Below is our breakfast and dinner menu. We eat left overs or salad for lunches. I will add some recipe links below of recipes we have used. I will warn that I never follow a recipe, so these are the actual recipes shared with me, and I have alerted them to fit my budget or needs. I will try and explain my alterations as I go.

SundayOvernight applesauce oatmealTacos
MondayOvernight applesauce oatmealGluten free goulash and salad
TuesdaySpinach and egg whites w/turkeyG/F Chicken and dumplings w/ green beans
WednesdaySpinach and egg whites w/turkeyBeef and Broccoli
ThursdayOvernight oatmeal, eggs, and fruitBone broth soup and Grilled Chicken salad
FridayOvernight oatmeal, eggs, and fruitG/F pizza (cheeseless)
SaturdayOvernight oatmeal, eggs, and fruitChili

I use a half container of oats and just estimate the measurements. I try and make two days worth at a time. If I use milk it is almond milk. Usually I just use water. Some of my kids eat cold and some eat it warmed up. I like it warmed up.

Beef and Broccoli :

For chili, I soak a bunch of mixed beans on Thursday and bake them all day in a crock pot. I add onion and other veggies and/or spices as I have them. Then Friday I separate the beans and use half of them to make chili. I use the other half to make re-fried beans.

For Bone Broth soup, I make a whole chicken in the crock pot, then the next day, Jeremy debones it for me. I put the bones back in the pot and add eight cups of water to any drippings from the chicken. I cook all day, add onion, carrot, celery, or any other veggies, and lots of garlic. This is one of my families favorites. Strain out everything and serve just the broth.

OK, that is a start. I will share more next time.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Happy NEW Year 2014

Sent out a total of 80 greetings for this new year, but if you didn't get one.  I am truly sorry.  We have been blessed with so many friends and we just didn't have enough funds to mail everyone a personal greeting.  So here is your copy.  Pictures and all.

Dear Friends and Family, January, 2014

As the calendar switches from 2013 to 2014, I can't help but think of all the blessings this past year held, and wonder what this new year will bring. As the year came to a close I celebrated my 40th birthday, and twenty years of marriage to Jeremy. Time seems to go by so quickly. Other milestones in our family included our first legal adult, as Daniel turned 18 back in September, and the addition of our 13th child, as Benjamin was born in August. Our life is full and moving fast.

I asked the kids to share some thoughts with you and here they are in random order:

Josh (age 8)

I am so thankful for my new brother, Benny. But I am also sad that my grandpa Wenger died this past year. I enjoyed the summer of 2013, we went to the zoo, beach, fair, and picked lots of apples and made apple sauce.

This year I hope to learn to read better, and study the Bible. I also hope to learn to play the ukulele my grandma Lisa bought me.

Stephen (age 4)

Nothing much happened this year. Baby Benny was born. That's all.

Davey (age 10)

The best thing I did this past year was build legos and play cars.

Tyler Ann (age 17)

This past year I enjoyed lots of things. One of my favorite things I did was teach five day clubs during the summer. I love sharing the Gospel with kids. I also liked spending that time with my sister, Lydia, as we team taught.

In this new year, I am praying about how to use my summer for ministry. I have several opportunities to consider, and some ideas too. Please pray I will find and follow God's plan for the summer.

Rachel (age 16)

This past year I went to Kansas to help at my aunts camp. I was excited to have a fun opportunity to serve God and others. I was amazed at the peace and comfort God gave me while I was away from home. My hope is to continue to embrace God's peace and comfort as I move into this new year.

Lydia (age 15)

In the year 2014, I hope to grow in my walk with God and grow in my music. In order to do that, I hope to teach Bible clubs again, and help out in my church. I also plan to continue studying music and teaching others music. I plan to make some fun music videos, that I hope will glorify God and bless others. I would also like to grow closer to my family this next year, so I don't want to be away from home for long periods of time. Those are my hopes and plans, we will see how they work out.

Rebekah (age 13)

My favorite thing about 2013 was visiting relatives.

Brenden (age 14)

This past year I enjoyed learning about gardening and trying our first garden. I also enjoyed taking apart and repairing golf carts, mowers, the washer, garbage disposal, and other stuff. In 2014, I hope to build a chicken coop and goat house out of pallets.

Zach (age 6)

I liked going to my cousins and friends houses.

Jeremiah (age 10)

The best part of 2013 was making new friends at a new church.

Daniel (age 18)

I enjoyed getting to know my younger siblings more. The best part of 2013 was getting to know teenagers at a new church, and working in the church nursery.

Christianna and Benny (age 2 and 4 months)

Benny blows you all a raspberry , and Anna says, “I ate it.”

2013 was definitely a growing year for Jeremy and I. We have continued to feel God calling us to be more at home and invested in our children at home. Also we continue to feel led to teach our children solely from God's Word. So we press on in this adventure and learn to trust God even when it is scary.

We feel so blessed to have found a place in a new church, Cedar Street Church in Holt, MI. We are excited to be a part of this body of believers that have a strong desire to know and live God's Word. The kids have loved getting involved with the different activities. The teens also like that the church allows them to serve. We look forward to seeing how God will use us in this body in the next year.

Jeremy continues to be blessed to work for Alro Steel. He feels the Lord calling him to ministry in the future, and plans to get involved in the church study program E4 this year. God has truly been good to us and we are excited to see what blessings he has for us this next year.

May God bless each of you,

Jeremy and Katie Hirn and kids