Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A name, a name, what's in a name?

So here is the picture that we saw on the ultrasound screen today. 

I truly have no idea what I am going to do because I was sure it was a girl this time.  So, Jeremy and I had some great girl name ideas picked out, and absolutely no boy names even considered.  So, now what am I to do.  So I am going to put it out there to all my lovely readers.  Help me find this little peanuts name.  As a reminder here is a list of our current sons names.

Daniel Tiger
Brenden Joseph
Robert David
Jeremiah John
Joshua James
Zachery Caleb
Stephen Michael

God has always confirmed the name of each of our children.  Most of our children have a strong Bible name and a family name.  But that isn't the rule.  For example:  Christianna Hesed is a name we just made up that has a strong Christian and Hebrew meaning.  So post your ideas below.  We have a few months to work on this.  If you post a name tell us why you like it and what it means (or at least what it means to you). 


  1. Benjamin Isaac. I just really like the name, and they were good Biblical men. Happy picking!

  2. Ok--here is my theory! You have named all your kids after everyone in the family...But you have none named after you and Jeremy. I put your names together and here are some names I came up with. :)
    I think some are pretty cool! Unique but with meaning to you both!

    Kaje (like Kage?)I like this one :)

    1. Too funny, our girl name would have remedied that problem but it will have to wait. But, Jeremiah is named after Jeremy. LOL

  3. I've always liked the name Alexei. Since we're probably not going to have children, you can use it, if you'd like.

  4. Dayna, you never know what God has for your future. Have you ever considered adoption?

  5. Ferb is a great name or Phineas : )

  6. I truly pushed for Obediah on our last one as I love the nickname Obie for a boy. It's biblical and strong sounding I think!

    I also LOVE presidential names for boys because I love the heritage of God's providential hand in our nation's history. I love the name Lincoln or Jefferson as first names.

    Very happy for you as you prepare for this new blessing!!
    --Andrea C.