Friday, January 9, 2009


I had the best Christmas, and I want to tell you what I got. I got a sun kissed gift. It tells what the temperature is. I got it for My grandma. Next, I got a webkinz. It is a ST. Bernard and his name is Darth Maul. I got an alarm clock, and a pair of shoes and I got them from my mom and dad. Next, I got a CD from My grandma and the CD is called "Now That's What I Call Country". I got another CD it is called "High School Music 3 Senior year". Next, I got cube world, a personal bank, and a science book. Next, I got a picture frame, a little radio, and clothes. That's what I got for Christmas.

Now, I want to tell you a little story that's true. My family was on our way to Indiana, to go to our grandma's for Christmas. It was the day after Christmas, and the roads were icey. We stopped at a gas station. My mom and dad said We had to go back home, because it was to icey. Then mom said let's go to Mc Donald's,and We did. We went there to wait for the salt trucks. Then after they come by We did not have to go home. We got to Indiana. But, it took forever because, someone was driving so slow. We finally got to My grandma's, and it took six hours to get there. It usually only takes about two hours. So that's My Christmas.

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