Friday, January 16, 2009


I got Braces 1/14/09 and it hurts when I use my teeth when I eat. I want
to tell you what I can't eat. Toffee, nuts, caramels bagels, pizza crust,caramel apples,ice,apples(unless cut) pop, pie, cake,Doritos, and jerky. I can't have candies like, Now and Laters,sugar daddies and baby's, Tootsie rolls, Star burst, licorices, and gummy bears or hard candy. I have to have braces for two years. I have to brush after ever time I eat. I have to floss different than before.
I want to tell you a story. I brought a school book to the Orthodontics and a layed it on a chair. Then a lady asked me if she could quiz anybody that walk in with my book. So one person, that she wanted to quiz, did not come back so she called her on the phone, and told her to come back. Then she wanted to call Dr. Faust, the orthodontist who wasn't in the office. She asked him the question and he got them all right. THE END. BYE.

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  1. Is this from Daniel? My teeth were so sorer when I got my braces. I didn't think that I would ever be able to eat anything, but they got stronger and soon I could eat normal stuff. I missed the sticky stuff when I had the braces. One time I ate something sticky and broke the wire on my braces OUCH, that hurt to have the wire poking my mouth. I am so glad that I had my braces. I smile alot more than before I had braces.
    Aunt Bec