Friday, January 23, 2009


I want to tell you what I do for school. I do 30 min on the wii fit. It tells me how much I weight and you can do yoga, strength training, and you can do running. I also do science, I'm reading about insect. Next I do 2 hours of reading. The book I'm reading right now is"Little House On The Prairie". Math is next I'm not that good at that. In Soc.St I am reading about The United States and Canada. I like it a little. Penmanship I like a lot, but my hand hurts when I'm done. I like reading "Little House On The Prairie" because I like reading about Laura Ingalls and what they did in there Life. Then I write about what I learned in school. I practice my clarinet for one hour. I do a blog every week. I also have to make a schedule. WELL THAT'S ALL FOR NOW BYE.

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