Friday, January 9, 2009

My New Room Tyler

Well, lets see where do I start. You know I make up stories, creatures, and lands. You know all my pets and families names. You know about my small bed room. uh ha! I now something you do not know. I am getting a new bed room. It's still in the basement with the other girls rooms. Why didn't I get this room before you may ask. Well, its like this the room I'm going to get is the basement kitchen right now, but we are going to re-make it by riping out the cabinets, stove, and other stuff that does not go in a bed room. Then taking out the stuff that does not go in there like toys, a table, and tooth brushes, (The basement bathrooms sink is broken but my Dad will fix it when we do my room.) Well, that's what is going on with my bed room. It`s going to be nice to have a bigger room, and it keeps my mind off of my rabbit, Tom how died the day after Christmas. But I will not ruin this entry with my sadness. I am happy to be getting a new room and that is what this entry was for to tell you of my joy in getting a new room. That is all for now. Tyler

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