Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What I got for Christmas By;Rachel

This is about what I got for Christmas. Well I probably won't tell you everything I got for Christmas,because I got a lot of stuff,I got from my parents ROCK BAND 1 for our Wii. It's mine,Tyler's,Daniel's,and my dad's. my dad also got a guitar separate from it. so now we have two guitars,one drum,and one microphone. Which is all you can get only four players. I also got a webkinz from my parents. Then I got a gun that shoots water gel from my grandma Linton. I got a burp master from my grandpa Linton. From my aunt Becky,I got a watch. Then from my grandma Lisa,I got a pottery wheel,and a car that goes on the wall and ceiling. Then from my grandma Wenger all the kids in our family got Yahtzee. Also from my aunt Prayer,and uncle Tyler we got a charger for our wii remotes. That is some of the stuff I got for Christmas. Well see ya!

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