Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Our Wii games

This blog is about our Wii games that we have for our Wii. You probably already know about some of our wii games,but you don't know about all of them. So,our first Wii game I will tell you about is the Wii fit. It's my mom's. It comes with a balance board and helps you get exercise. The next Wii game I'll tell you about is Rock band one,and we have a microphone,a set of drums,and two guitars. This game is my dad's,Tyler's,Daniel's,and mine. The next game I'll tell you about is Lego star wars. It's Jeremiah's,Daniel's,and Brenden's. The boy's love it. But my mom gets kind of tired of it. The next game is Wii sports ,and it's every one's and it comes with the Wii. It has bowling,tennis,boxing,golf,and baseball on it. Then Wii play,it's a game that's every one's. You can keep your records on it and you get medal's on it for the games you play, unless your score isn't high enough to get a medal. The next game is High school musical dance. It's also every one's and it is a game you dance on. You pick the person you want to be, then you pick the song you want to do, then you do what it says to do. We also have cranium kabookii. It's a family game and it is every one's. Last but not least is Rapala Tournament fishing,and it's Brenden's game. You get to go fishing and buy boat's. Well,that's all the Wii game's we have for now.

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  1. Wow. This is a really nice list. We have a Wii and only have three games. One that came with it, one that came with the second controller and Diego because I really want to be an animal rescuer when I grow up.

    Just kidding. Diego is for my daughters. I have been wondering what others game to get and you've given me some ideas. Thanks!