Friday, September 25, 2009

Our New Cats by:Lydia

It's Lydia again, and I want to tell you about our new pets. We got kitten from my Grandma Lisa,who lives in Indiana. She came to visit us with my Aunt Prayer, Uncle Tyler, and my cousins. The cats are so cute. She brought them in a cage. One is mine, and the other is Rachel's. Rachel's cat's name is Phoenix. It has more spots and stripes than mine. My cat has less spots and stripes. My cat is curious. Rachel's cat likes to lay down. My cat runs fast. We have three other cats Constance is Brende',s, Sissy is Jeremiah's, and Buddy is Joshua's. Buddy and Costance are boys, and Sissy is a girl. Oh! I almost forgot my cat's name is Missy. The kittens are both girls.

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