Tuesday, April 7, 2009


This blog is about Zach and Jeremiah so here it is.

First is Zach but his real name is (Zachery Caleb Hirn), he is the second little's bother,he is one. Zach likes dogs,cats,etc,he likes to play soccer and baseball. Zach likes to copy Davey, he likes to make messes and likes to pick them up too. He sleeps with me almost ever night, he likes to go out in his shirt and diaper. Zach screams when Josh and Davey do, he does not like pasta sauce. Zach's birhtday is May 10. He likes candy,candy,candy,etc. he likes to play with cell phones. Zach likes to play rock band but we don't put him in. So that's all about Zach.

Next is Miah his real name is (Jeremiah John Hirn) he is (5) Miah is the 3 rd oldest boy. He likes to play star wars with me he also likes to watch star wars. He likes to play drums on rock band, he plays Polly pocket with Lydia, Rebekah,and Brenden. He likes to play with the cats,his favorite wii game is Lego star wars (mom does not like it when he plays it every day). So that's all about Jeremiah. BYE

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