Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Easter By;Rachel

Today I'm going to tell you about my Easter. Last Easter we all got brand new bikes and a water slide,but this Easter we got basketballs and a basketball hoop. last year they tricked us by saying the bikes were my grandma's kids and when Easter came they said the big box that the water slide was in they said it was my mom's until she opened it we new it was the kids. This year mom said we weren't getting Easter presents and when we woke up on Easter moring there were basket balls and a kickball in the living room and mom said to go get ready and I said that I would go put the basket balls outside and then I saw the hoop. That's the story Miah got a basketball,Josh got a kickball a transformers kickball,Davey,and Zach got mini basketballs,and me,Tyler,Daniel,Lydia,Brenden,and Bekah all share a basketball ours is size 300,and Miah's is size 310. Well now you know about our Easter.

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