Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The cat story

Hi it`s Tyler you might have thought I was Lydia because of the name of this entry. (Lydia writes all the story's.) Today I`m going to tell you about a story I`m not going to write the whole story because I`ve already wrote it three times one time for school then another time also for school (I had to fix my grammar and check my spelling.) the last time I wrote it was just for fun. I did not make up the story all by myself the other kids in my family help but it was my idea. Well the cat story is about a cat king named wolverine, the brave knight and prince Buddy, (the king adopted him, he used to be a poor thief. But now he will one day be king after wolverine dies in a Battle with a dragon.) Constance the war general and best Friend of the king wolverine (he becomes king buddy`s right four paw cat.) Sissy the palace cook and wife of cocky the brave, (cocky was a brave knight he died in a battle.) Spooky the wife of king wolverine she ran away because she loved a cat named Grey, and last but not lest Bella she was a maid for the king until Buddy married her.

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