Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Gone By;Rachel

This is a true story about my cat Wolverine.We were all inside playing with the cats. Then it was time to eat so we put them outside. After supper Brenden went outside because he was doing his chores. I was inside helping Zach on the toilet. Then Brenden came inside and said,"Rachel I think your cat is dead there is something on the road and I think it's your cat let me go check". He came inside a few seconds later and said,"Wolverine's dead on the road. I started crying a lot. He had to die quick though because he had only been outside for a few minutes. My dad and brothers put him in our woods and buried him. I had a lot of dreams of Wolverine after he died. he was so pretty. If you go to my blog called playing in the leaves from last year Wolverine is on the right constants is on the left,and sissy's in the middle. Also if you go to Daniel's blog CAT'S CAT'S AND MORE CAT'S from last year Wolverine is in the back on the left. Oh yeah the day Wolverine died was Wednesday March fourth. Well now you know what happened to my cat Wolverine.

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