Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dode by Tyler

Hi, Tyler here today I am going to tell you about a new creature I made. It`s called a Dode. Dode's are not male and female they don't have a mother they grow from in side a flower. there are three kinds of Dode's wild, tame, and groomed. Wild Dode's are just like they sound they are small but I would not sud just to go by a wild Dode they bite I`ll leave it at that. Tame Dode's on the other hand are very nice and don`t look as crazy as a wild Dode still tame Dode's are not good pets they like to travel a lot. Now groomed Dode's are great as pets they look lovely and love to snuggle but all so like to play their good for pet shows or 4-H. Dode's are Many different colors wild Dode's are usually brown, Orange, and yellow, tame Dode's are usually blue, red, and green, groomed Dode's are usually pink, purple, and light colors. So now I`v told you about Dodes hope you liked them. Tyler

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