Saturday, July 20, 2013

Hard at Work on this Hot day

Our wonderful landlord had crushed cement delivered yesterday for our windy driveway.  Brenden was hired to spread it.  I didn't think to take pics til halfway through.  But here is a few shots of him and his crew hard at work.
Jer took all the big kids to a music/art festival, so it is just Brenden and the little boys.  Bekah has been helping too, but at the time I took the photos she was putting Anna down for a nap.

 Davey and Josh are using the sled to load up stone to move it to the top of the drive.
 When I took this picture of Davey, he had to be his dramatic self and told me that the rope was really hurting his hands to pull it.  (This of course, wasn't an issue until he saw me, lol.)
 Brenden found the snow shovel a more useful tool at times than the rakes.
 Working the rake.

 Jeremiah pushing the stone towards the sled.
 Zach gathering tools.

 Davey checking in with the supervisor, Brenden.
 Time for a slurpee break.
 Time to cool off.

This is where one of the big piles was at, they are  still working it down.

Working the curve, another pile.

Bekah and Anna helping throw stones from the grass to the driveway.
 Ready for a break already.

Brenden heading back to it, even though his crew abandoned him.

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  1. I know what hard work that is, even when it's not hot out. That stuff is hard to work with. This is sure making men out of them! Nice work!
    Beth Delaney