Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Rachel's argument to remain young

When Rachel was less than one she began speaking in full sentences.  By the time she was two she could convince people of just about anything.  My mom would often tease that she would be the first woman president.  She believes strongly in fairness and justice.  Over the years she has increased in her debating and arguing ability.  Recently, Jeremy and I decided she needed to practice driving more.  She did not like this idea at all, so in order to convince us to give her more time.  She wrote her dad this essay.

Why I don't and shouldn't have to drive.
I don't think I should have to drive because
1. Driver's Ed class was my birthday gift, so technically I don't have to use it.
2. Driving makes me nervous, sick and anxious.  I don't think that is healthy.
3. I am only fifteen, why do I need to drive now?
If the answer is, "You go the most places."  Then my reply is the only place I want to go is to track.  If that is too much to ask for than I will quit track.  I love track, but if I have to drive their and feel sick than I can't do it.  I don't understand why I to drive to track.  That is like saying, "You have earned the privilege to do track, but you have to drive to it and feel sick the whole time.
Some people say driving is a privilege, but it doesn't feel that way to me.
I realize in time I will have to face my anxiety and drive, but I would rather it not be forced on me.  As I said, "I am only 15, so why do I need to drive now?"  Can't my days of being young last a little longer.  I don't think I am old enough (mature enough) to take on the responsibility of driving.
Finally, I am willing to do other things instead of driving.  Extra jobs, pay for gas, etc.
Also mom said, "If you don't drive than I am not going to by you a dirt bike."  But I feel like a dirt bike will help me be more confident in my driving.
So, needless to say, Rachel does not have to do anymore driving for a little longer, and she is still going to get her dirt bike for her sixteenth birthday.  Shared with Rachel's permission.  I want to make it clear this was not written in a mean spirit or disrespect.  In fact, we as a family, all laugh together at her creative way of getting her message across.  This essay was sincere and respectful, and that is why her dad listened and heard her request and granted it.


  1. Rachel you are a slippery pickle.

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