Friday, November 18, 2011

Derailing to get on track

Lately, I have found myself unable to focus and stay on task. This is not new, as I have always been easily distracted (some might say I have ADHD) I like to think of myself as a great multitasker. But, since having baby girl and moving, I have struggled with focus, insomnia, and depression(again not new, just not wanted). As the dark months start to close in on me, I find my hearts prayer for the Lord to give me a booster shot of energy, motivation, and drive. So this morning, I woke with an idea. I am calling it the "Katie's Daily habits of Health." I am a firm believer that God made us like himself (God the father, God the Son and the Holy Spirit). We are mind, body, and soul. To be our best all three parts must be in good health. So I came up with a list of 20 things I need to do daily to maintain optimum health. This is a very simple list of very basic activities. They are in order of what come to me first (not what is more important than another).

1. Get up at 7 am (this is necessary to get up same time everyday to help with insomnia and motivation)
2. No candy (sugar addiction)
3. No Pop (caffeine and sugar addiction, Dr Pepper is my drug of choice)
4. Go to bed at 10 pm (not TV) (again to combat insomnia)
5. exercise 30+ minutes (combat laziness and depression)
6. go outside 5+ minutes (no matter what fresh air is always benificial)
7. no eating after supper (no nighmares)
8. drink water only (this is different than no pop)
9. pray
10. read Bible
11. eat with kids (if I eat with the kids I eat healthier, because I feed them healthier than I do myself)
12. one serving per meal
13. read out loud
14. memorize
15. have a meaningful conversation
16. hug someone
17. say I love you
18. pray with or for someone
19. write a letter or blog
20. be grateful for something/someone

The goal is to intentionally do each of these things everyday, until it is a habit. So, my plan is to take 20 weeks and intentionally add a new one each week. So, week one focus on getting up at 7, then week two add no candy eating, and so on, so by the end of twenty weeks all should be added into the days activities. Then go back to the top and do it again, until it is mastered.
I am sure other people would have other goals, but these are areas I need to focus on. maybe you have suggestions or ideas of other areas people in general could work on, please feel free to comment and share them.

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  1. Katie,
    I just noticed that you started blogging again so I read them all and got myself caught up!. You are so good at putting your thought into words, and I like what you think about. I like your idea for 20 things to do in 20 weeks - really good idea! I do hope that it works for you and gets you back on track. It is hard sometimes when there are so many major life changes all at once! Have a blessed Thanksgiving with ALL your beautiful children, and Jer too!