Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Music by Tyler

Hi, a few days ago me and Daniel were on "YouTube" listening to music and watching some comedy's and I thought I'd tell you some band's and things I like. (a lot of the songs I'm going to tell you about are on this blog, and if there not you can find them on "YouTube".) The first band I'm going to tell you about is "Skillet." I've seen them in concert at winter jam, and that was the first time I ever heard them (IT WAS AWESOME!!!) "Skillet" has a lot of cool songs but my favorites are "Whispers in the Dark", "Monster", "Hero", "The last night" and "Comatose". The next band is called "Fire Flight" I've never seen them in concert, but Daniel and Rachel have and they showed them to me on YouTube (Daniel now has one of there Cd's and we listen to it all the time). Some of my favorite songs are "Unbreakable", "You Decide", "Stand Up", "It's You", and "More than a love song". Another band I like is "Mercy Me." I have seen them at winter jam, and Rachel has three of there Cd's and my mom has two more Cd's and I have all five Cd's on my I-pod. I like there song "I can only imagine" better then any of there other songs because it's so true we can only imagine. I like all their songs but I like this one the best. I like a lot more bands and music but I'm not going to write all them right now. Oh yeah, you should also check out Tim Hawkins well your at youtube. Tyler

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  1. Tyler-I love music! All kinds of music! I have an idea!! Let's start a band together..you canbe the singer and I'll play the triangle! We need a name...hmm...how about Biscuits and Gravy? Yeah!! We can even let your mom play the tuba and your dad the keyboard, Tyler the tamberine and grandma Lisa back up vocals!! We are going to SO rock!!! Better start practicing your auto-graph cause I have a feeling we are going to make it big!