Friday, October 30, 2009

2 of a lot of My favorite songs

This is Daniel, I have lots and lots of favorite songs. So here is another two. The band is "Fireflight" like My last song. But this one is from their first CD, called "Healing of Harm". The songs called "you decide". I don't have the CD but I listened to it on you tube, and I like to do the head bang at the beginning, but now my head hurts. The band menbers are Dawn on vocals, who has awesome hair. Justin on guitar and vocals, Glenn on guitar, Wendy on bass guitar, and Phee on drums. They have a wedsite at, they have wierd vidoes, updates about they concert's and there CD. "Fireflight" is on "Facebook","Myspace", and "Twitter". Here are some lyrics. "God is calling out to you again, let him pull you,let him take you in, from the fear that swallows your life, will you stay the same or will you fight". I like this song because it's by a christian band. I also like this song because it tells you that you decide not other people. so here it is

My second favorite is "Monster" by "Skillet"(I wonder why they named their band that.) They have a website at Here are some lyrics, "I feel it deep within, it's just beneath the skin, I must confess that I feel like a monster, I hate what I've become, the nightmare just begun I must confess that I feel like a monster". I don't know why I like this song. Well here it is


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  1. Daniel-Cool songs!! Did you know I actually wrote that song for Skillet. Yeah, they came to me one day and needed a I decided I would write one for them. Bet you didn't know that did ya? Yup, I'm just THAT cool!! LOL JK!!! But I do like the songs!! Good taste in music!