Friday, February 13, 2009

Our new game and brother by:Rachel

This is about our new Wii game and brother. First I'll tell you about our new wii game. It's rock band two. It's better than rock band one because you can hear the insterments better,and you can go to differrent places if you unlock them. There's places like Boston, and a lot more. Also,on rock band two you get to make as many people as you want you get to name them and buy clothes for them,and name your band. you get money and fans for the songs you play. Now onto our new brother. My mom had our brother on Thursday the 5th of February. His name is Stephen Micheal Hirn, butwe call him pillow because that's what Josh wanted to name him. Stephen cries a lot. I don't remember Zach crying this much. Well,now you know about our new game and our new brother.

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