Thursday, February 12, 2009

Baby Pillow Tyler

Hello, Guess what, My mom just had her baby a week ago ( I had planed to write this entry earlier but I um, didn't.) The baby is a boy, his name is Stephen, but we call him Baby Pillow ( I will tell you about that later.) Any way Baby Pillow was born on the 5th at five o clock just as Rachel and I left to go to a choir practic,e my dad called to say Pillow had been born. I know he was born at five o clock because Daniel called us at my choir practice to tell us, and strangely I think my choir teacher was more excited then I was . Pillow is a big baby he weights a good 9 pounds. My mom says he looks like me when I was a baby. Now I`ll tell you about the nick name Pillow. OK, when my parents told us my mom was pregnant, they asked us what we should name him, and Josh joking said we should name him pillow and the name stuck. So now you know about baby pillow. Tyler

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